Thread Lift, Barbed Suture Lift or No Incision Face Lift

Over the last few months I have had the experience to talk to people about their non surgical outpatient thread lifts.  The results were what I expected, really no change.  One of my patients went back to where she had it done to see how she looked now, 6 weeks post op and before.  She said to be honest there was really no change.  That was my experience years ago with the barbed suture lifts.

Now I just read a great article to address these issues the study involved 160 patients who had their lifts done with barbed polydioxanne (PDO) threads.  The results post placement declined to the point that at 1 year there was discernible difference.  The cost to perform there procedures is probably

$3,000-$5,000, or more depending on how many threads the surgeon uses. In the article their complication rate was 34% but in reality I believe 20% is a more reasonable number but still too high. 

So be cautious, beware and do your homework!  The consultation with me is Free... a second opinion never hurts!!


Dr. Bob Brueck

Dr. Brueck

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