Quick lift with neck

Posted: August 4, 2020

I highly recommend Dr. Brueck.  I had a lower face and neck lift.  In the initial consultation Dr. Brueck made sure I understood what the surgery could and could not achieve.  He also said that having my neck done and not just my face would make a greater overall impact, saying there would be an aesthetic disconnect if I had a nice firm face but loose, sagging neck skin.  I could see what he meant and changed my original plan to include the neck.

On the day of surgery I was nervous.  But everyone - Dr. Brueck, the nurses, the anesthesiologist, even administrative staff was very kind, attentive and gentle, so important in keeping my nerves at bay.

The first week after surgery, I didn't experience pain just a dull ache.  The big challenge was finding a way to wear the elastic sling in such a way to keep it in place but not irritate the ears too much.  It may sound trivial, but it was a big deal at the time.  I finally cut the band to be narrower and used snap-clip barrettes to hold it in place.

10 days after surgery my stitches were removed.  By then most but not all of the swelling had disappeared and the skin near my ears was still a little numb.  The bruising, never more than a yellow tint had faded.

Results:  The sagging at the jaw line - gone.  The smile lines around the mouth - gone.  The fold from the side of the nose to the outside of the lips - now just a line, no folding.  The hanging wattle beneath my chin - gone.  My skin does not looked stretched or pulled.  I still look like me, but without the effects of gravity.  I'm SO happy that I made this decision.  I feel like my face is more reflective of how youthful and strong the rest of my body feels.  I'm deeply grateful to Dr. Brueck and his team for the knowledge, experience and care shown at every step.  Getting a facelift is a big deal and they made it easy.