Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2019 I have been seeking to find my body again.  I was diagnosed with M.S. when I turned 30, about 10 years ago.  I gained over 100 pounds and I could not lose the weight with diet and exercise.  I chose to have a gastric sleeve and lost 100 pounds.  After losing the weight I had a stomach I could not live with.  My parents have a home here and I decided to start my search for a tummy tuck in Florida.  After meeting Dr. Brueck, watching his You Tube videos, researching his education and experience, I did not look any further.  Dr. Brueck made me feel like family and comfortable with my decision from day one.  With my medical history and the money I had already spent on the weight loss surgery, I was worried about my decision.  After talking to Dr. Brueck I just felt at ease.  I waited 6 months to get in to have surgery.  When I was to fly down to my family's Florida home, hurricane Ian hit and damaged the office.  The office staff was amazing, working with me and getting me rescheduled as soon as possible because I do not live in Florida. In the 6 months of waiting for the surgery I became worried and nervous about the pain.  It was  uncomfortable for a couple of days then I felt sore but never in severe pain.  Dr. Brueck personally called me the day after to check on me, and his staff has done great checking on me and looking out for me.  I would recommend this team to anyone interested in personalized care and a great team to take care of them after their surgery.  I want to thank them all personally for taking such good care of me and helping me with this step of my journey.
- N.G.
I had a very easy experience with Dr. Brueck's surgery.  He and his nurse were kind, professional and efficient.  The surgery went quick and was pain free.  I love my eyes!  They not only look more youthful but the weight on my lids is gone and I can see better!  I would recommend Dr. Brueck for his amazing work and his friendly personality.  He takes the time to make you feel special.  His staff is also extremely kind and professional.
- S.S.
My visit to Beauty By Brueck was wonderful.  The staff are like good friends and Dr. Brueck is very genuine.  His before and after photos are impressive and I was glad he actually showed me before and after photos.  I would recommend coming in.
- M.G.
My experience with Dr. Brueck from my initial consultation through surgery and post op care was amazing.  All of his staff are professional, caring and compassionate.  I would highly recommend Dr. Brueck and his team.  The results are still healing and already better than anticipated.
- S.G.
Dr. Robert Brueck did a Quicklift and Necklift for me on 7/13/22.  I must honestly tell you that it was an exceptional experience from start to finish.  The surgical admitting nurse was very professional and calming as well as the nurse anesthetist who cam in and explained her part of the procedure.  This was also very comforting.  The recovery time was painless. I would recommend Dr. Robert Brueck for any plastic surgery because he is very professional, knowledgeable, and will make your surgery a great experience.
- G.W.
Dt. Brueck removed a large cyst from my face and now you would never know it was there.  He also removed 2 more cysts recently with perfect results.  Dr. Brueck is a wonderful surgeon.
- D.H.
Dr. Brueck met with me for a consultation.  I was nervous and worried I would be turned away because of my weight.  Dr. B and Chi both met me with smiles and open minds.  My consultation went well and I booked my surgery.  The pre-op appointment helped ease my mind and their easy to follow instruction packet was wonderful.  My surgery day came and I could not be more excited.  Dr.  B did such a wonderful and beautiful job.  I am still healing but I already fee so much better and look better too.  I can't thank him enough for helping me get my confidence back!
- M.C.
Dr. Brueck did an amazing surgery to remove and replace my ruptured saline implant.  After removing both implants and replacing them with silicone I am completely elated on how natural they look and feel.  I highly recommend Dr. Brueck.
- J.B.
When I chose to have my desired surgery performed by Dr. Brueck I was very realistic about the possible result that he might be able to achieve.  I did not expect a miracle.  I had a complicated procedure to remove 40 year old silicone implants and to utilize fat from liposuction in order to rebuild the  volume of my breasts and to lift them to a more desirable position.  Afterward the success with which the doctor and his skilled professionals had performed my operation "shocked" me.  I felt I was breathing better immediately.  I felt relieved to be rid of the implants which were suspect to my diagnosis of fibromyalgia.  I further loved the size, shape and conformity of my recreated breasts.  The recovery was much easier than I had expected it to be.  I spend my days now in gratitude for the expertise of this kind doctor and is personal staff who have changed my body, my health and my emotions for the better.  I did not expect a miracle but I got a result that feels miraculous.  
- B.H.
After losing 100+ pounds I was left with excess skin hanging from my upper arms and saddle bags that I could not get rid of no matter how much weight I lost.  Dr. Brueck and his staff listened and were incredibly kind through every step of the process.  Every question was answered and every concern was alleviated.  Dr. Brueck and his staff made sure and took no risks with my health.  I have already recommended him to two of my colleagues and friends!
- S.S.