Breast Surgery

Dr. Brueck offers the latest and newest technologies to ensure optimal breast surgery outcomes. Whether you want to increase, decrease, or change the contour of your breasts, there is a surgery option for you.

  • Breast Augmentation – A breast augmentation is done to increase the size as well as improve the shape and fullness of a woman’s breasts using implants.
  • Breast Lift – This procedure removes excess skin from sagging breasts, as well as raises the nipple to create a more youthful breast appearance.
  • Breast Reduction – A breast reduction is done to reduce the size of the breasts by removing excess skin and tissue.
  • Breast Reconstruction – This procedure is done to restore one or both breasts after a lumpectomy, a partial mastectomy, or a mastectomy.
  • Male Breast Reduction – Male breast reduction is done to reduce the size of the breasts using liposuction and/or tissue excision in men with gynecomastia.
  • Breast Augmentation Revision – This procedure removes or replaces breast implants from a previous breast augmentation.
  • Fat Grafting to the Breast – This is a breast augmentation option for those who want a small increase in breast size, using liposuction to remove fat from other parts of the body, then injecting it into the breasts.

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