Body Contouring

Posted: January 15, 2024
When you lose weight, it is a good feeling. It can help you to be more confident and healthier. Yet, for many, it can leave behind excess skin. Body contouring, or post-bariatric weight loss surgery, may be the solution. If you have any sagging skin or stubborn fat that has been unresponsive to… Read Full Post
Posted: December 15, 2023
Have you noticed any loose, hanging skin on your arm, yet a well-balanced diet and exercise are not working? If so, then an arm lift is the perfect solution. Sagging skin on the arm can be caused by a number of factors, such as natural aging, losing weight, and genetics.  What Is An Arm Lift? An… Read Full Post
Posted: October 30, 2022
There are two primary ways to improve the appearance of your buttocks: a butt lift and a butt augmentation. A butt lift involves removing excess skin and fat from the butt, while a butt augmentation involves adding implants or fat grafts to the butt. In this blog post, we'll compare and contrast… Read Full Post
Posted: September 06, 2022
Gynecomastia is the medical name for male breasts. A condition common in adolescence, many young men will see the issue self-correct as they age. However, for others, gynecomastia may prove a more complex issue to address. The most common cause of gynecomastia is hormone changes. Additional causes… Read Full Post
Posted: August 03, 2022
Body lift surgery is a comprehensive procedure designed to remove loose and sagging skin and stubborn fat deposits from several areas of the body. Less one procedure than a combination of several, body lift may include: Liposuction to remove fat that has proven resistant to diet and exercise.… Read Full Post
Posted: June 15, 2022
Diastasis recti is a condition in which the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles) become separated. This is a common result of multiple pregnancies. It can also result from excessive weight gain. The rectus abdominis is divided down the middle by a band of tissue called the linea alba. When… Read Full Post
Posted: April 18, 2022
Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses gentle suction to remove fat from the body. Designed to target stubborn fat deposits that have proven difficult to remove with diet and exercise, liposuction is not intended to assist in weight loss. It can, however, trim and tone the frame once you are… Read Full Post
Posted: March 03, 2022
Buttock augmentation helps to add volume and restore ideal dimensions to the derriere. With this procedure, Dr. Brueck can create a more symmetrical and optimally contoured backside, helping to enhance your curves by producing a fuller, shapelier, and ultimately more attractive bottom. There are… Read Full Post
Posted: December 13, 2021
Liposuction is used to remove stubborn fat deposits from the body. Suitable for contouring nearly any area of the body, liposuction is commonly used to trim and tone: Ankles and calves Thighs, hips, and buttocks Abdomen and waist (love handles and muffin top) Flanks and upper back (bra roles)… Read Full Post
Posted: April 06, 2021
Gynecomastia, the medical name for male breasts, can often be treated through lifestyle changes such as increased and enhanced exercise. However, in many cases, gynecomastia will self-correct even without these efforts – particularly if the condition is linked to hormonal changes. Common causes of… Read Full Post