Breast Implant Syndrome

Posted: April 25, 2019

A short while back there was a story on the evening news and on articles in the Newspaper about breast implant associated disease/syndrome. I guess the FDA wants to re-visit breast implant safety. I continue to feel strongly about their safety, but I also have patients coming and telling me they feel tired or fatigued, unexplained rash or hair loss, maybe aching joints. There are several non-specific complaints that patients bring in to me. There is no blood test or x-ray or even mammo that can diagnose this "breast implant syndrome." 

I recently did a young lady who had saline implants in about 7 years or so and was complaining about not "feeling well." Her implants were hard and uncomfortable so we took them out plus the capsule! She comes back a week later and says she feels like a new woman. Her breast for sure were smaller but they are now soft and non painful. 

It seems over the last several months I have had more and more women coming in to inquire about the removal of their implants. Their motivation is my breasts are hard, uncomfortable, painful and I just don't feel right.  So more and more women are electing to remove their implants and NOT replace them.  I also offer them the possibility to remove them and perhaps restore some size by transforming their own fat to their breasts. 

I do feel that some women have negative effects from the breast implants... They are usually non-specific issues fatigue, lack of mental clarity, unexplained stomach or bowel issues.  Again there is no blood test to "make" the diagnosis.  But what I do tell patients your implants will never be an issue going forward. 

So if this is you or have a friend or family member who feels like this, please give me a call at (239) 244-2329 to set up a consultation.  I also have offices in Punta Gorda and Cape Coral.