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How Does a QuickLift® Facelift Compare to a Traditional Facelift?

March 15, 2024
A facelift is an excellent way to refresh your facial features, helping you to look and feel younger and more rejuvenated. While traditional facelifts were once your only option, QuickLift® facelifts give you another way to rewind the hands of time. Learn more about what sets the QuickLift® facelift apart from traditional facelifts to decide which cosmetic surgery will give you the desired results. What Is a QuickLift® Facelift? QuickLift® is a new kind of facelift. It focuses on areas like the jawline, neck, and lower face, which usually show signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.  The procedure can lessen prominent… Read Full Post

Achieve Fuller Lips With Lip Augmentation

February 15, 2024
Lip-plumping products have become increasingly popular in recent years. If you frequently use one of these lip treatments to enhance the appearance of your pout, lip augmentation can provide long-lasting results that provide a more sensual look.  Beauty by Brueck strives to provide our patients with treatments, encouraging them to feel confident and comfortable. If you're interested in achieving full, beautiful lips, keep reading to learn more about our lip augmentation in Fort Myers.  What Is a Lip Augmentation?  In addition to making the lips appear fuller, lip augmentation can correct uneven lips, restoring balance and symmetry. The… Read Full Post

Body Contouring: Your Solution After Weight Loss

January 15, 2024
When you lose weight, it is a good feeling. It can help you to be more confident and healthier. Yet, for many, it can leave behind excess skin. Body contouring, or post-bariatric weight loss surgery, may be the solution. If you have any sagging skin or stubborn fat that has been unresponsive to weight loss and exercise, this procedure may offer you the results you're looking to achieve. Learn more about body contouring and its benefits following extreme weight loss.  Why Might Body Contouring Be Needed Following Weight Loss?  Body contouring is a combination of procedures, such as arm lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction, that sculpt the… Read Full Post
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Is an Arm Lift Right For Me?

December 15, 2023
Have you noticed any loose, hanging skin on your arm, yet a well-balanced diet and exercise are not working? If so, then an arm lift is the perfect solution. Sagging skin on the arm can be caused by a number of factors, such as natural aging, losing weight, and genetics.  What Is An Arm Lift? An arm lift, or brachioplasty, is a cosmetic procedure designed to reshape a person’s upper arm. This is done by surgically removing the loose skin, and suctioning out any unwanted fat deposits using liposuction. Arm lifts are usually performed from the elbow to the armpit areas.  Who Can Benefit From An Arm Lift? Anyone who suffers from a “bat-like… Read Full Post
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Meet Xeomin: A Great Alternative to BOTOX® Cosmetic

November 30, 2023
If you have started to notice fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes or between your brows, it might be time to consider getting Xeomin, an excellent alternative to BOTOXCosmetic. When Should I Start Xeomin Injections? Since Xeomin treats even the earliest signs of aging, when you start injections depends on your needs and aesthetic goals. Treatment with Xeomin is one of the best ways to temporarily smooth wrinkles and reduce the signs of aging. But to really understand when you start getting injections, you need to understand how your skin changes as you get older. As you get older, your skin produces less collagen and hyaluronic acid… Read Full Post

Is Breast Fat Grafting Better Than Implants?

November 15, 2023
If you want to change the size or shape of your breasts, you may have thought breast implants were your only option. However, breast fat grafting is a natural option for breast augmentation.  Which breast augmentation method is best, between implants and fat grafting, depends on the individual. A consultation with your doctor can help determine the right method for you; in the meantime, learn more about breast fat grafting.  The Benefits of Fat Grafting  While breast implants typically come from materials like silicone and saline, the fat utilized in breast fat grafting is obtained from you. This severely decreases the chances of… Read Full Post

The Best Time To Get Male Breast Reduction Surgery

October 30, 2023
Gynecomastia is the condition in which breast tissue develops in males. Though the condition is not life-threatening, it can cause severe emotional distress and impact self-esteem.  Gynecomastia can have a variety of causes, such as hormonal shifts as seen in puberty, certain medications, certain cancers, cirrhosis, illicit drug use, and even estrogen-producing tumors.  A typical course to remedy gynecomastia, regardless of cause, is through breast reduction surgery.  Gynecomastia in Teenagers  Anything that alters the hormones in the body, specific to breast tissue growth, may result in gynecomastia. During puberty, the body is subject… Read Full Post

Why You Should or Shouldn’t Get a Breast Reduction

October 15, 2023
While breast reduction surgery is a fantastic option for those suffering from pains due to large breasts, it may or may not be right for you. A breast reduction may not be for you depending on factors such as your plans, potential medical complications, and current lifestyle choices.  Learn when the right time for breast reduction is for you and how getting one can help. Who Benefits From Getting a Breast Reduction  Should you be right for one, there are many benefits to undergoing a breast reduction. For one, you may be able to find relief if the current size of your breasts is causing you physical discomfort. Those who typically get a… Read Full Post

Who Can Benefit from Liposuction?

September 30, 2023
Who Can Benefit from Liposuction? Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat from specific areas of the body in order to improve the overall body contour and shape. It is often performed in areas that tend to accumulate stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. Liposuction isn’t considered a weight loss method but instead is a cosmetic procedure to sculpt and reshape certain areas. The Procedure During the liposuction procedure, a surgeon makes small incisions in the targeted areas and uses a thin tube called a cannula to suction out the excess fat cells. There are various techniques and technologies… Read Full Post
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Rejuvenating Your Hair: PRP Hair Restoration

September 15, 2023
PRP hair restoration or hair regrowth may be beneficial for individuals experiencing certain types of hair loss or hair thinning. However, its effectiveness can vary depending on the underlying causes of hair loss and the individual's specific circumstances. Keep reading to learn more about how PRP hair restoration works. What Is PRP Hair Restoration? Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) hair restoration is a medical procedure that aims to promote hair growth and improve the overall health and appearance of the hair. It involves using the patient's blood to extract platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the scalp. How the Procedure Works… Read Full Post