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5 Tips to Speed Your Face-lift Recovery

April 16, 2019
If your appearance on the outside no longer matches your youthful spirit on the inside, a face-lift is the perfect solution to bring everything into alignment. The road to this younger look, however, does require surgery, and how you negotiate your recovery can make all the difference. At Beauty by Breck, with Dr. Robert J. Brueck at the helm, our team is dedicated to helping patients in Fort Myers, Florida, achieve their cosmetic goals with the least amount of bumps in the road. If you’ve opted for a face-lift, or you’re simply weighing your options, your active participation in your recovery will help you meet your goals more quickly. To… Read Full Post

Are Your Abs Hiding? Abdominoplasty Can Help Reveal Those Cut Muscles You Already Have

March 21, 2019
When it comes to storing excess fat, most people fall into one of three categories: Those who are genetically endowed with a slim figure no matter how much they eat, those who are able to maintain a slender, sculpted shape through diet and exercise, and those whose bodies seem to retain every ounce of extra fat no matter how active they are or how well they eat. But no matter which body type you were blessed with, you may find it more challenging to maintain a svelte midsection as you make your way through your thirties, forties, and fifties, when shifting hormone levels start to have greater influence on where and how your body stores fat… Read Full Post

Beauty by Brueck: What to Expect When Recovering From a Tummy Tuck

February 01, 2019
It’s not true that you can’t have a flat and toned abdomen once you’ve had a baby or two, gained excess weight, or reached a certain age. The tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, may be exactly what you need to flatten your tummy. It can also give you a good reason to rebuild your beach-friendly wardrobe, and there’s no end to what it can do for your self-confidence. But what’s the recovery process like? Is there a lot of pain and discomfort? How long does it take for the stitches to heal? And when can I go back to work or shop for that new wardrobe? Robert J. Brueck, M.D., is a well-respected and skilled cosmetic surgeon who’s tucked plenty of… Read Full Post

6 Tips to Prepare for Eyelid Surgery

January 14, 2019
Maybe you’re tired of hearing everyone tell you that you look exhausted or perhaps your sagging eyelids are affecting your vision. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that you’re ready to have eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty. This minor outpatient procedure can significantly change your appearance and make you look years younger. Dr. Robert Brueck at Beauty by Brueck can give you the look you want, but he wants you to be fully prepared before your procedure so you have a smooth recovery. With that in mind, we put together these six tips to help you prepare for eyelid surgery. Determine if eyelid surgery is right for you It… Read Full Post