3 Reasons Why a Chemical Peel Is a Great 1st Timer Procedure

Posted: May 25, 2023

Chemical PeelChemical peels are a great palace to start if you’ve never had a cosmetic procedure done before. It is non-invasive, effective, and a great first example of how beautiful your skin can look after a relatively simple procedure. So if you’re curious about amplifying the look of your skin, but aren't sure where to start, continue reading. We’ll discuss what goes into getting a chemical peel done, and why it may be a great fit for you.

It’s Quick and Relaxing

All you have to do during a chemical peel is sit back and relax. We will apply the chemical peel compound to your face, neck, or both areas depending on your desires, and then we must simply wait a short while for it to take effect. What this chemical compound does is help remove the outermost layer of skin which is dead. You have dead skin cells on your face that progressively change out as your facial skin heals from being beaten on by the elements. When this layer of dead skin is removed, you will have a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. There is little to no discomfort throughout this entire procedure.

There Is Very Little Recovery Time

With that being said, you may find your skin to be sensitive or mildly uncomfortable after the procedure. As we did just take a thin layer off of it. Now your body is in recovery mode, and you will feel it slightly as your skin heals back to a more youthful-looking state. Discomfort typically subsides 24 hours after the procedure. It is important however to use broad-spectrum sunblock on the affected areas as they will be incredibly sensitive to the sun's rays immediately after this time until it heals.

It Leaves Your Skin Looking Amazing

Chemical peels can help with many different facial issues and blemishes present on the skin. Its big draw is helping with the removal or healing of lines and wrinkles. This is due to the skin being stimulated from the “damage” of removing the outer dead layer of skin. This tricks your body into thinking your face needs to heal itself. Hence why after the procedure you come back with absolutely glowing and rejuvenated skin from the healing process. 

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