I guess if there is anything we all might want it is a healthy bushy head of hair.  Unfortunately hair loss is everywhere…..women included.  About 40% or more of women at or approaching menopause will have some thinning of hair or hair loss.  No telling how many millions or billions of dollars are spent chasing that beautiful set of golden locks.  We try pills, lotions, creams, sprays or even surgery in pursuit of our dream.

Now we have a very effective non-invasive way to help stimulate hair growth.  I read a recent article where they took 50 male patients with androgenic alopecia or male pattern baldness.  On half of their scalp they injected plain saline and on the other half they injected PRP (platelet rich plasma).  They did 6 sessions separated by 21 days between sessions.  The results showed reduced hair loss and new hair growth on the side treated with PRP.  On close examination of the scalp, the side treated with PRP showed improved hair density, quality and thickness.  We are now offering PRP hair loss treatments here in Fort Myers.  You can call my office at (239) 244-2329 to set up your consult.