I recently read a new study done to see what effect PRP had on hair growth.  The body of evidence keeps building on the positive effects PRP has on hair growth.

This new study was conducted in mice.  There were 3 groups of mice studied.  One group got PRP (platelet rich plasma), one group got PPP (platelet poor plasma) and the final group got placebo or normal saline.  What is it about PRP?  In this study they found that hair growth, length and the number of hair follicles was ONLY found in the PRP group.  They postulated the increase was due to an increase in angiogenesis or the injection of new blood supply to the follicle.

What Other Treatments Are Available?

Another exciting new treatment modality that I recommend my patients use is the new Theradome 6 diode laser cap.  This is a 678 nm. laser that you use for 20 minutes twice a week.  This energy is absorbed into the hair follicles causing increased hair growth, a decrease in shedding of hair and increase in the thickness of the hair shaft.  Other modalities that may be recommended are things such as Propecia 1 mg. daily or topical 5% minoxidil or Rogaine as it is commonly called.

Are There Studies to Support PRP and Hair Regrowth?

Yes there are.  PRP has been around for years primarily as an adjunct in treating athletic injuries or arthritic joints.  A recent study was done in Peru following 37 patients, 36 male and 1 female.  These patients had AGA or androgenic alopecia.  Patients received PRP injections monthly for one year along with 5% minoxidil and 1 mg. of Propecia.  All patients expressed a high degree of satisfaction.

A second study was recently reported in the Journal of Dermatological Surgery.  It came out of London Ontario.  The purpose of this study was to try and determine why PRP works in alopecia.  They found that PRP stimulates hair growth through the promotion of vascularization and growth of new blood vessels or angiogenesis.  It also encourages hair follicles to increase growth of follicles during the anagen phase of hair growth.

A third study was recently reported in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery.  This study was from 2017.  Fifty patients were in the study, PRP was injected on one side of the scalp and normal saline on the other side.  The side that received PRP has greater hair thickness and density.  Patients received a total of six sessions separated by 3 weeks.