The FDA recently gave approval for Cynosure’s SCULPSURE!  The technology is based on controlled hyperthermia to destroy fat cells.  One can heat the fat cells to a certain temperature to destroy them.  The body’s immune system then comes in to sweep these fat cells away.  Studies were done on abdominal lipectomy specimens  What they found was the treatment head with Sculptsure only required 23 minutes to destroy fat cells compared to an hour with Cool Sculpt.  Sculpsure passes a 1060 nm diode laser light through the skin to achieve a target temperature of 42-47 degrees Celsius   This temperature shocks the fat cells so they die over several weeks.  The skin is spared by a cooling device on the treatment head.  Unlike Cool Sculpt which relies on pulling, sucking and rolling fat 2 plates, Sculpsure’s treatment head just lays on the target area.  One other big advantage – and it is huge- is that Sculpsure has four treatment heads versus one for Cool Sculpt hence several areas can be treated at once.  There is no recovery time with Sculpsure.  Studies show one treatment with Sculpsure results in 3 mm reduction in fatty layers or 24% reduction.