Liquid Facelift

I read and hear this term all the time.  Patients ask me “what is a liquid facelift?”  It really is not a lift in the traditional sense of the word.  What it is in reality is a facial rejuvenation technique that involves the injection of various fillers in areas of the face to help restore a more youthful look.  These “liquids” or fillers are placed over certain areas of the face to provide support or lift.  The more common fillers used are JuvedermRestylane, Perlane & Radiesse just to name a few.  I for one am not a big fan of the liquid facelift.  I guess for me It is taking a look at what kind of value am I giving to my patients.  My perspective is unique because I tell my patients I can do everything from the least invasive to the most invasive.  In many cases physicians who promote the liquid facelift can’t perform a more traditional facelift or in my case the Quicklift.  I always try to give value for my patients.  Liquid facelifts can, in some cases cost way more than traditional facelifts and will last 8 months to a year.  The cost depends on how much botox and how many syringes of fillers a patient uses.  In my approach to facial rejuvenation I prefer to use a patients’ own fat – it is natural and in ready supply.  In the vast majority of my Quicklifts.  I use the patient’s own fat to restore a more youthful shape to the face.  Not all the fat I inject will survive, say 50-70%, but what does survive is yours.  Fillers will dissipate in 8 months – maybe a year.  Everyone is different.  Some fillers are promoted as lasting up to 2 years.  In some of my facelifts I will use over 100 cc’s of fat where as a single syringe of a filler is ONLY one cc. and at an average cost of $700.00 per syringe (cc) that is about $70,000.00 which is out of reach for most people.  It is pricey and for something that may last less than a year I feel it is not a good value.  I would rather sedate my patient for say an hour, harvest fat and rejuvenate their face with their own tissue whether it is 20 cc’s or over 100 cc’s.  I can give a more natural, longer lasting result and for a lot less money.

It goes back to what I tell my patients’ I can give you choices from the least invasive to the most invasive but if I am a “non” surgeon my choices are limited.  So beware to the hype and the media.  Be a cautious and wise consumer.

Dr. Brueck

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