Hyperhidrosis – Excessive Underarm Sweating

The word is long and would be a good one for scrabble but it is a condition that can take over a person’s life.  At first you might say use a little more deodorant  but really it is much more than that.  I read an article that dealt with the quality of life issues resulting from hyperhidrosis.  One never realizes just how bad it is until you talk one on one with someone who suffers from it.  There are many issues that arise from hyperhidrosis.  This study highlighted many of the aspects surrounding the emotional and psychological stress with hyperhidrosis.  Some of these included negative emotions, poor self image, feeling restricted in life and the fact that hyperhidrosis controls lives.  Also a person’s career choices many times are dictated by this; constant fear of contact; many have physical discomfort and skin problems. Their closet of clothing as well as personal hygiene and hobbies are dictated by this.  It is for sure a real problem.  The good news is there is now a very safe effective way to permanently eliminate excessive underarm sweating.  It is called Miradry – a safe – quick – outpatient procedure that takes about an hour.

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Dr. Brueck

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