Botox is or has become a common household term today.  As popular as it is there are several misconceptions about Botox.  First, remember Botox is safe to use even though it is developed from botulinum protein, a very toxic substance.  It is important to remember if done properly, Botox treatments are not painful.  Many of my patients are under the misconception that Botox and fillers are one in the same.  They are not.  Two entirely different products for different use.  Many people may feel that after a facelift they will no longer need Botox.  I think patients need to understand that Botox treatments are ongoing and prevent lines and wrinkles from becoming deeper and deeper in spite of a facelift.  Botox is NOT permanent and it is important to understand that doses will vary from patient to patient.  Some patients require more Botox than others and duration also will vary from one patient to the next.  Botox is for both  men and women.  Sometimes Botox is used for medical reasons such as migraines.  Also the effects of Botox are NOT instantaneous.  It may take several days to see a desired effect.  So relax, be patient, and there you have it.