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Thanks to the latest technology, we are able to perform effective hair restoration as well as help patients to maintain these results with the use of PRP therapy and the Theradome helmet.

What is PRP Hair Restoration?

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a treatment that uses a patient’s own blood to extract plasma and growth factors. For the treatment, blood is taken from the patient and processed. To prepare for the treatment the blood is spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the other elements for the most concentrated treatment. Once prepared, the plasma is injected right into the balding areas for maximum impact.

This concentrated substance also contains naturally occurring growth factors that help activate growth in dormant hair follicles. This method is much more cost effective and comfortable in comparison to hair plugs. For best results, Dr. Brueck recommends having the treatment done once a month for four months. PRP Hair Restoration in Florida

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What is The Theradome?

To help encourage further growth in between PRP treatments, Dr. Brueck is now offering The Theradome hair restoration helmet. This helmet emits red light from the inside of the helmet to encourage growth. The great thing about this helmet is that it can be used comfortably while reading, working on the computer, and other simple tasks. This is a great, pain-free way to help boost your results in between PRP treatments.

How often should you use the Theradome?

It is recommended that you use your Theradome hair restoration helmet twice a week for 20-minutes each time. It is safe to use Theradome more frequently, although it is not recommended for more than one treatment every 24 hours.

Who is a candidate for PRP Eclipse for Hair Restoration?

Men and women with thinning hair or a receding hairline make the best candidates for PRP Eclipse treatment. This treatment is safe, fast, and requires no downtime, and is ideal for people experiencing alopecia. It is not, however, right for everyone.

PRP Eclipse works by stimulating follicle regrowth and thickening. People who have lost the entire hair follicle are not good candidates for this service as there is nothing to stimulate. These patients may benefit more from a surgical hair transplant.

Are PRP Eclipse injections painful?

For the most part, PRP injections are not painful. Treatment does, however, involve both blood draw and injection. Florida Hair Restoration

We offer local anesthetic to patients who may experience discomfort from the treatment. We would be happy to discuss this option in greater detail during your time in our care.

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How long does a PRP Eclipse treatment take?

It takes around 20 minutes to perform hair restoration with PRP Eclipse. Most people are able to come in for treatment during lunch or while out running errands, and to resume all normal activities immediately afterward.

Results from PRP treatment are cumulative. We recommend patients receive three to four treatments over the course of several months to help ensure optimal results.

How long will my PRP Eclipse treatment results last?

Results from hair restoration through PRP will typically last for one to two years. It is recommended that you schedule maintenance treatments yearly to help ensure continuous results.

Use of the Theradome hair restoration helmet can help your hair grow back thicker and stronger, and may even assist in lengthening your results. During your time in our care, we will discuss this option in greater detail to help ensure you receive the most effective treatments possible.

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Is there any downtime after a PRP Eclipse treatment?

For most people, there is little to no downtime associated with PRP treatment for hair growth. It is not uncommon for people to resume most normal activities as soon as treatment is over.

There will be restrictions on wetting hair, sauna use, exercise and similarly sweat-producing activities for a few days after treatment, but by and large, you should not expect to have to modify your lifestyle following PRP hair restoration treatment.

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If you are interested in PRP therapy and The Theradome, which helps maintain and boost its results, contact Dr. Brueck. by calling 239-939-5233 today. We look forward to helping you regain your confidence through a thicker, fuller head of hair.