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Many factors can cause your upper arms to have a sagging, drooping, and somewhat “batwing”-like appearance, including weight loss, aging, and genetics. Diet and exercise can address the underlying muscle tone of the upper arm, but it is unable to correct the hanging excess skin. Both men and women choosing to improve this appearance of their upper arms with an arm lift performed by Dr. Brueck in Fort Myers.

What is an Arm Lift?

Also known as brachioplasty, an arm lift reshapes under the upper arm, typically from the elbow to the armpit region. This is achieved by removing excess skin and, in some cases, utilizing liposuction to eliminate deposits of fat.

Is an Arm Lift right for me?

If you have sagging, loose, or hanging skin on the underside of your upper arm, an arm lift may be right for you. An initial consultation with Dr. Brueck is necessary to determine your candidacy.

Am i a good arm lift candidate

What can I expect from an Arm Lift?

After your arm lift procedure, you will notice the excess skin and fat are removed under the arm, leaving a smoother, tighter arm contour. Initial results will continue to improve after swelling and bruising subside. An arm lift does involve a thin scar on the inside of your upper arm, which may be noticeable, but will heal nicely.

Patient Testimonials

""Dr. Brueck is the most caring doctor I have ever had in the 20 some years I’ve been going to him for his procedures. He cares what you think and makes you feel completely comfortable while discussing your situation. You will be so pleased with the final outcome. Don’t hesitate for a minute. You’re going to be so happy you chose such an amazing surgeon.""

- Anonymous

"Awesome experience with Dr. Brueck! No need to go anywhere else! Realistic and honest advice with compassion and caring attention to detail."

- Anonymous

- Testimonials of patients taken from Google Reviews

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How long is recovery from an Arm Lift?

Following your arm lift, Dr. Brueck will wrap your arms in a compression garment to reduce swelling and the risk of complications. It is critical to follow Dr. Brueck’s specific aftercare instructions for optimal and quicker recovery. Follow-up appointments will be scheduled to monitor the progress of your healing.

For more information about arm lift surgery, please contact Beauty by Brueck at 239-939-5233 today for a cosmetic consultation. Our board-certified plastic surgeon serves patients in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, and nearby areas of Florida.

When Can I Exercise After My Surgery?

Following arm lift surgery, you will need to avoid placing strain on your sutures. This means at least seven to 14 days of limited activities. More demanding tasks and exercise will need to be postponed for six to eight weeks.

During your follow-up visits, we can help you determine when it is safe to resume specific forms of exercise.

Can I Combine an Arm Lift With Another Surgery?

It is common to combine arm lift with other body and breast procedures. An arm lift is complementary to breast reduction (both male and female), tummy tuck surgery, and more. It is also a wonderful stand-alone option for many patients. The best way to learn if an arm lift alone or in combination with another procedure will be best for you is through a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Brueck.

Does an Arm Lift Leave Scars?

All incisions leave scars. How defined and visible yours will be is dependent on several factors.

We will provide you with instructions to help you prepare for surgery. These will include things like giving up nicotine (a vasoconstrictor that causes thick scars) and blood-thinning medications, herbs, and supplements (which increase bleeding and slow the healing response), along with after-care instructions for keeping incisions dry and clean, and using a compression garment. All of these things can help to prevent visible scars.

Dr. Brueck takes care to place incisions in the most inconspicuous locations. Utilizing advanced techniques, he takes every care to minimize the risk of scars. If visible scars do form, scar revision procedures such as laser skin resurfacing may be useful in reducing their appearance.

What Are the Risks Associated With an Arm Lift?

All surgical procedures come with risks of excessive bleeding, infection, fluid collection, and poor reactions to anesthesia. With cosmetic procedures, such as arm lifts, additional risks include poor incision healing, asymmetrical results, over or under-correction, and nerve damage.

Risks with arm lift surgery are uncommon, made more so when you choose a board-certified plastic surgeon, like Dr. Brueck, who performs the procedure in an accredited surgical facility. Honest and straightforward, Dr. Brueck will discuss all potential risks during your initial consultation to help ensure you are making the right choice for your body.

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