Cheek Augmentation in Fort Myers, FL

Without strong cheek structure, your face may seem drawn and gaunt. A deficient cheek foundation can also make your lower face appear heavy and give you an aged look under your eyes. A cheek augmentation with fat transfer performed by Dr. Brueck offers a minimally invasive way to give more shape and plumpness to your cheeks. Give us a call today at 239-939-5233 if you wish to schedule your fat grafting consultation in Punta Gorda, Cape Coral, or Fort Myers!

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What is Cheek Augmentation with Fat Grafting?

The fat transfer technique, also known as fat grafting, removes fat from another part of your body and injects it into your cheeks. With this procedure, Dr. Brueck can restore your face to its natural, more youthful appearance.

Am I a good candidate for Cheek Augmentation with Fat Grafting?

Cheek augmentation with fat transfer uses your own fat, which eliminates any risk of allergic reactions. Most patients choose cheek augmentation to correct:

  • Thin or gaunt face
  • Bottom-heavy or jowly face
  • Mid-face flatness
  • Asymmetrical face

What can I expect from Cheek Augmentation with Fat Grafting?

Cheek augmentation with fat transfer is a minimally invasive procedure. First, fat will be collected from another part of your body, such as the abdomen or thighs. Once the harvested fat is processed and purified, it will be injected into your cheeks. Many of our patients in Fort Myers opt for a cheek augmentation with fat transfer as an alternative to a more invasive surgical procedure

How long is recovery from Cheek Augmentation with Fat Grafting?

There is minimal downtime and recovery following cheek augmentation with fat transfer. Many patients are able to return to normal activities and work within a few days, however, it is important to realize that both the face and the donor site must fully heal and recover.

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Find out if cheek enhancement is right for you by calling Beauty by Brueck at 239-939-5233 today. Schedule your initial cosmetic consultation. You can also set up your appointment by clicking here and filling out the appointment request form in our contact page. Dr. Brueck serves patients in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, and nearby areas of Florida.

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