Breast Reconstruction in Fort Myers, FL

If you have undergone or are planning to undergo a lumpectomy, partial mastectomy, or a mastectomy, breast reconstruction can do wonders for your self-esteem and body. Breast reconstruction restores one or both breasts to their pre-surgery appearance.

What is breast reconstruction?

During an initial consultation in Fort Myers, Dr. Brueck will discuss your personal goals and create a custom surgical plan for your breast reconstruction. In most cases, women choose to have Dr. Brueck reconstruct their breasts as a part of their mastectomy. However, if immediate reconstruction is not possible, he will advise an alternative strategy for breast reconstruction at an appropriate time.

Dr. Brueck may use one or several methods to reconstruct a breast, including:

  • Implant-based reconstruction – involving a gel implant with or without a tissue expander
  • Autologous reconstruction – utilizes your own tissue to create a flap or a graft

A combination of both methods may be necessary to achieve your aesthetic goals.

Often, two or three surgeries are recommended to complete breast reconstruction, and surgery is performed on the both breasts to ensure proper shape and symmetry. Women can begin reconstruction at the time of the mastectomy, which is called immediate reconstruction. However, for various reasons, this is not possible or safe, and Dr. Brueck will delay the surgery.

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How long is recovery from breast reconstruction?

Patients may need to stay in the hospital for 4 to 7 days as they heal from breast reconstruction. Generally, surgical drains are necessary to reduce the risk of complication and fluid buildup. It is important to report any pain you are experiencing. Women should not return to work until they feel comfortable, which generally takes 3 to 6 weeks of recovery. Make sure to have a helping hand, someone to drive or help you do any lifting. Follow-up appointments with Dr. Brueck are critical in monitoring your recovery process.

What People Say About Us!

"My experience with Dr. Brueck and his staff was wonderful from start to finish. All are personable, concerned, helpful and comforting. Dr. Brueck's prediction on post operative new look was accurate and I am very pleased with the results. I would highly recommend his practice!"

- D.P.

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