Suffer From Excessive Underarm Sweating? We Have a Solution

Suffer From Excessive Underarm Sweating? We Have a Solution 656f1c22de95e.jpeg

If embarrassing, excessive sweating and body odor are keeping you from living your best life, it’s time for a change. You should be able to work out or enjoy time outdoors without worrying about soaking through your shirt and causing people around you to edge away.

At Beauty by Brueck, led by Robert J. Brueck, MD, we offer miraDryⓇ as a safe, FDA-cleared treatment for eliminating sweat and neutralizing odor glands under your arms. It’s an easy, non-invasive approach to the problem of pit sweat and smells.

How miraDry works

Around 15.3 million people in the United States suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. The most common places for excessive sweat are the palms of your hands, the soles of your feet, and under your arms. 

The miraDry system works by delivering concentrated electromagnetic energy to your underarms. The energy converts into heat, which targets the sweat and odor glands located in your armpits and destroys them. 

Your miraDry treatment

First, Dr. Brueck makes sure you get a few numbing injections to keep you feeling comfortable, and you get settled into a relaxed position. The miraDry device uses a special technology to cool your skin as the heat begins to target your sweat and odor glands deep in the tissue of your armpits. 

You shouldn’t feel a thing during treatment, although a slight warming sensation may come and go. Your miraDry treatment takes only about an hour, and then you don’t have to worry about embarrassing pit stains or smelly skin anymore.

After miraDry treatment

The miraDry procedure is a permanent solution, as the glands don’t regenerate and won’t be able to produce either perspiration or odor. You might notice a little bit of redness, swelling, or increased sensitivity for a few hours after your procedure, but ice packs and over-the-counter pain medication as recommended by Dr. Bruek should handle it. 

You can go back to work or play after your miraDry treatment, but avoid strenuous physical activity for a few days. A few patients say they have a strange sensation in their armpits for a short time after the procedure, but this normally fades away, and there are no long-term effects.

If you’re tired of embarrassing underarm sweat and body odor from your armpits, miraDry can help. Just call us to schedule an appointment to meet with Dr. Brueck at one of our three convenient locations or use this online form to request an appointment.

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