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Three Reasons to Consider Breast Implant Revision

July 05, 2022
Breast augmentation can produce a fuller, more symmetrical, and ideally contoured bust. With the help of breast implants, augmentation can be used to enhance the size and shape of the breasts, improve cleavage, and create complementary curves between the bust and the body, making it one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures year after year. While incredibly popular, breast augmentation is not permanent. Many women will, at some point, need to consider breast augmentation revision to maintain their results. Why Consider Breast Implant Revision? As with any cosmetic procedure, reasons for choosing breast implant revision can vary… Read Full Post

Will Tummy Tuck Fix Diastasis Recti?

June 15, 2022
Diastasis recti is a condition in which the rectus abdominis (the “six-pack” muscles) become separated. This is a common result of multiple pregnancies. It can also result from excessive weight gain. The rectus abdominis is divided down the middle by a band of tissue called the linea alba. When the belly expands beyond its normal range, such as during pregnancy or following weight gain, the linea alba stretches, thins, and begins to pull apart. In many cases, as weight is reduced, the linea alba will repair itself. In some, it simply cannot, leaving a gap in between these muscles. Symptoms of Diastasis Recti Symptoms of diastasis recti… Read Full Post

Helping Men Reach Their Goals

June 03, 2022
June is Men’s Health Month. This is a fantastic opportunity to reflect on ways you can optimize your physical and emotional health. Things like adopting a new exercise routine, adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet, and reducing your intake of sugar and alcohol, which can sabotage your efforts, are all worth considering this month. If you traditionally struggle with healthy eating and finding exercises you are willing to do, talk to a personal trainer to find things that you enjoy. You are more likely to maintain efforts when you are enjoying yourself. Emotional health is linked to physical health. Inactivity can increase… Read Full Post

Can a Chemical Peel Treat Sun Damage?

May 16, 2022
Chemical peels are an effective, minimally invasive way to eliminate sun spots and related damage from UV exposure. At Beauty by Brueck, we are pleased to offer a range of chemical peels, enabling us to address sun and age spots in addition to: Fine Lines and Wrinkles Pigmentation Irregularities Melasma Textural Roughness Small Scars Active Acne And More The best way to learn if a chemical peel is the best fit for your needs is through a one-on-one consultation at our Ft. Myers, Punta Gorda, or Cape Coral office. Chemical Peels and Carcinoma Chemical peels can eliminate sunspots and actinic keratosis. They may also be useful in the… Read Full Post

Am I Too Young for a Mommy Makeover?

May 03, 2022
Mommy makeover surgery addresses those areas of the body that are hardest hit by pregnancy and nursing. Physical changes that occur during pregnancy may not respond to exercise and diet, even years after giving birth. These can cause both physical and emotional discomforts. If you would like to learn about surgical procedures that could be used to address these concerns, we welcome the opportunity to meet with you for a private and confidential consultation. Best Age for a Mommy Makeover The best age for a mommy makeover is whatever age you happen to be when you decide two things: You are unhappy with the way pregnancy has altered your… Read Full Post
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Can I Get Liposuction Anywhere on My Body?

April 18, 2022
Liposuction is a surgical procedure that uses gentle suction to remove fat from the body. Designed to target stubborn fat deposits that have proven difficult to remove with diet and exercise, liposuction is not intended to assist in weight loss. It can, however, trim and tone the frame once you are within a healthy BMI range. At Beauty by Brueck, we utilize advanced liposuction techniques that can help reduce trauma to surrounding areas of the body while maximizing the removal of unsightly fat. During your initial consultation, we can assess your problem areas and discuss your options to help you decide if liposuction is the right fit for… Read Full Post

Fat Grafting for Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation Results

April 05, 2022
Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in the United States, and the most common method of augmentation is implant placement. Breast implants are versatile. They can be round or teardrop shaped. They can be filled with cohesive silicone gel that mimics the feel of natural breast tissue or with saline that can be adjusted after they have been placed. They can be secured above or below muscles in the chest, and they can produce a noticeably more symmetrical and appealing bust. However, while breast implants offer several benefits, not everyone interested in breast enhancement is interested in this method.… Read Full Post

What Are The Best Lip Augmentation Techniques?

March 15, 2022
Lip augmentation helps to produce a symmetrical, voluminous, and ideally shaped pout. With this procedure, lips that are flat, thin, uneven, or otherwise unattractive can be brought into perfect alignment with surrounding features, helping to create a more balanced and overall beautiful look. For many years, lip implants were the only augmentation option. Made of soft silicone, lip implants are inserted through tiny incisions at the corner of the mouth where, once inserted, they will produce immediate results. However, implants can shift, may feel unnatural, and have the potential of being rejected by your body, making them less than ideal… Read Full Post

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

March 03, 2022
Buttock augmentation helps to add volume and restore ideal dimensions to the derriere. With this procedure, Dr. Brueck can create a more symmetrical and optimally contoured backside, helping to enhance your curves by producing a fuller, shapelier, and ultimately more attractive bottom. There are two primary methods of buttock augmentation: Buttock Implants Butt Lift With Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift) Buttock implants are made of silicone. Inserted into the buttock through small incisions, these can improve the shape and size of the bottom, but may also look and feel unnatural. What’s more, butt implants can shift, creating a lopsided… Read Full Post

How to Reduce the Risks of Scaring After Your Surgical Procedure

February 16, 2022
All surgical procedures require incisions. Incisions leave scars. This is an unavoidable part of the healing process. At Beauty by Brueck, our board-certified plastic surgeon utilizes the most advanced techniques and intentional incision placement to help reduce risks of visible scarring after plastic surgery. Steps you take both before and after your procedure will play a role in this as well. Before your procedure, you must stop taking any medications, herbs, or supplements that can thin the blood. These will need to be avoided in the days following surgery as well. Dr. Brueck will work directly with you to help you determine what needs… Read Full Post
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