Written Testimonials


Written Testimonials

Please note: All testimonials reflect only the experience of the party providing the comments. Results are specific to those parties and do not represent any promise of performance, result or satisfaction by you or any other patient, current or prospective. The full name of each person providing a testimonial will be provided upon written request to:

Dr. Robert J. Brueck
3700 Central Avenue
Fort Myers, FL 33901

"I was recommended to Dr. Brueck by my primary doctor.  I have implants from 13 years ago but one had ruptured after my mammogram.  I was devastated and I came to see Dr. Brueck.  He made me feel so comfortable with him.  He was very honest and thorough with me and he made me feel like I had known him for years.  Just a great surgeon and his staff could not have been any kinder to me and the pre-op ladies were excellent.  Everyone was great here and  he did an awesome job on my breasts.  I am very pleased with Dr. Brueck." - BG 11/4/19

"Dr. Brueck is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.  He did my neck lift with creativity and perseverance as I had a particular set of challenges.  It has been 5 weeks since my surgery and I could not be more pleased.  Dr. Brueck and his staff, especially his anesthesia specialist were all attentive to my concerns and immensely kind.  They are professional and punctual which is important to my schedule.  Thanks to all for your expertise, professionalism and kindness; it is a rare combination." - PT 10/14/19

"I highly recommend Dr. Brueck. He recently did a tummy tuck and hernia repair on me. The results were amazing. He took his time listening and answering all my questions and made me feel at ease. If you're looking for a doctor with experience, compassion and excellent results, Dr. Brueck is the one you're looking for. He exceeded all my expectations, and I'm so happy I chose him." - GS 7/29/19

"Upper blepharoplasty, necklift, fat grafting. 3 weeks post-op my face, jawline & neck look amazing! Had I realized how minimal the bruising and swelling would be and how natural the outcome would be, I would've done this a couple years ago. I look like myself 15 years ago not like someone who had work done.

Dr. Brueck listened carefully to my desires and answered all questions with a humble confidence. He is a Godly man who prayed with me before surgery. He is clearly talented and his team at the office, particularly Chi, made follow up visits a joy. Felt right at home at every appointment and Dr. Brueck made it clear I could call or come in with questions as many times as I wanted for no extra fee. Recommend highly with great confidence!" - DW 6/19/19

"I loved my experience with Dr. Brueck and his staff! I was initially nervous about undergoing surgery but his demeanor along with the friendly staff made it a comfortable experience! And on top of it all, the results from my breast aug. are perfect! Thank you, Dr. Brueck!" - TS 7/22/19

"I was referred to Dr. Brueck by my doctor in Philadelphia who was unable to address my complications from breast surgery.  After meeting Dr. Brueck and discussing my problem which I had been dealing with for a year and a half he knew what was needed to solve my problem.  Dr. Brueck recommended a plastic surgeon in Gainesville FL. who took care of me successfully.  Dr. Brueck saw me in his office post op and answered any questions I might have.  Dr. Brueck treat his patients like his family (like I’m his sister) and is extremely compassionate. I will be forever grateful." - KS 5/23/19

"3 months post surgery & the results are outstanding. Field of vision much improved. Dr. Brueck is an artist as a surgeon. A gentle soul!" - CC 3/30/19

"I am so happy with Dr. Brueck and his staff. They were all so wonderful with me during this big step I decided to take. My surgery went well and I'm so happy with the results of my tummy tuck. I would highly recommend Dr. Brueck for plastic surgery and would definitely go back if I decide to do anything else. Thank you all. And I give Dr. Brueck and staff a 5 star! - EC 3/25/19 

"I had two procedures done by Dr. Brueck. He told me what he would be doing and what I could expect. I am extremely pleased with the results. He is a very pleasant man and he makes you feel comfortable. I am so glad God led me to an excellent Christian doctor. I am sure that his trust in God has made him so successful." - DD 3/19/19

"Amazing results. Better than I dared to hope for. I am glad that I decided to do all the procedures that Dr. Brueck suggested. I look at me now & then, I look at the before pictures and I just can't get over the difference. Dr. Brueck & his staff are excellent to work with. I would definitely do it again." - SH 3/8/19 

“I am a 74 year old man. I was sent to Dr. Brueck after having a cancer spot removed from my nose which left a big hole in my nose that had to be closed. I was nervous and feared that my nose would become disfigured badly. When I arrived at the office the staff made me feel at ease treating me with kindness and respect. Upon seeing Dr. Brueck the first time he assured me that he could help me. He was very personable and friendly making me feel even more confident that I was about to get some top-notch treatment and I had little to worry about.

The next day I went in for the procedure feeling a bit apprehensive and worried about what I was about to go through. As they had the day before, all the nurses and staff made me feel all would turn out well. There was no pain except the small sting of the numbing needle and even after the procedure at home that night the pain was minimal and only had to take Tylenol one time. I followed the directions for care of the wound given to me. At first when I looked at the closure it worried me as to how the scar would look. As time went on taking care as I was told I was amazing at how well and good looking the wound was getting. All my family, friends, and even the doctor who removed the cancer spot have told me how good my nose looks and how well it is healing. I doubt that I will have any noticeable scar at all.

Thank you Dr. Brueck and staff for the outstanding job and the superior treatment given to me.” – DW 1/10/16

“Before having my eyelid surgery done by Dr. Brueck I hadn’t seen a plastic surgeon and didn’t know what you expect. My procedure was actually health-related and needed (and covered in part by insurance). I was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from Dr. Brueck the day of the surgery to see if I was feeling well, and then two more follow-up calls from his office. Knowing that I can contact the doctor at all times if any complications presented was such a great relief for my peace of mind.” – IM 1/4/16

“Would I recommend Dr. Brueck and his staff? MOST DEFINITELY! I plan to use their services in the near future. If you aren’t feeling beautiful when you walk through Dr. Brueck’s door, you will when you leave!” – BP 12/7/15

“We are so please with Dr. Brueck. I had a tummy tuck done in Argentina that needed to be fixed. He was the only doctor in town that was willing to help me. I highly recommend his practice. He is an excellent professional that takes his time with you.” – ND 12/20/15

“Dr. Brueck has been absolutely great. His skills and experience are second to none and his nurses and staff are also very informative, kind, and professional. I’m very happy with my experience.” – JC 12/10/15

“I am so pleased with the results of my brow lift and eyelid surgery. Within days, I was receiving compliments from friends and associates. I’m only too happy to refer Dr. Brueck. Dr. B is easy to understand the procedures. He made you feel comfortable. The staff is knowledgeable and efficient. I would be happy to refer Dr. B and his staff anytime!” – IW 11/4/15

“I was fortunate enough to meet Dr. Brueck and his great staff through friends and was immediately impressed by his sincerity and caring. I received a facelift on Septemper 24, 2015. Each time I look into the mirror I am astonished and delighted by my new beautiful face. The procedure has given me greater confidence.” – JB 11/1/15

“We heard of Dr. Brueck through a friend. We cam in for skin cancers on my arms. Dr. Brueck took care of them. He spent time with us and we asked about his eyes and eyebrows. Dr. Brueck suggested a procedure which he did. We were thrilled with the results. Dr. Brueck is a very knowledgeable and caring doctor. My wife and I are very comfortable with his manner and caring personality. The staff was also great.” – RM 10/28/15

“Turning 60 is hard enough, but when you look in the mirror and see the reflection of a face that has the wrinkles of a much older woman, it was devastating! Not to mention the neck I had absolutely hated for years. I knew I had to do something.

I chose Dr. Brueck because of his experience and the wonderful things I had read about him and his staff. Which I found to be 100% correct. He and his staff are the warmest, friendliest and professional health care professionals I ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

Dr. Brueck made me feel very comfortable discussing my issues, he took his time explaining all my options and the procedures of each. There was absolutely no pressure at all.

After my lower face and neck lift, I find myself admiring my face and neck instead of hiding from the mirror. There is no doubt in mind, I will return to Dr. Brueck for any future procedures.” – MW 9/11/15

“Dr. Brueck, Thanks for doing surgery on my eyelids, it was great. I had my eyelids done by another doctor about two years ago and had so much trouble. I told Dr. Campbell I was seeing Dr. Brueck now to do my eyelids and was told “Now you are seeing a good doctor!” It was great. Thanks doc!” – VP 9/9/15

“I have been a patient of Dr. Brueck for a number of years. We have been through a number of procedures together. I recently had another face procedure. I most highly recommend this doctor and his staff. Dr. Brueck is very, very knowledgeable in his field. He is very thorough, caring and most of all, honest and fair. I have put my life in his hands many times. Check this wonderful staff before making your final decision on cosmetic surgery.” – ML 8/9/15

“Today I fell that I have reason to be very thankful as to how the recent events have turned out for me. I thank my dermatologist for ridding me of the mass of cancer that was embedded in the side of my nose. Then he told me he was sending me to see Dr. Brueck who would do a good job in restoring my nose back to its original state! Thank you Dr. Brueck! A beautiful job! I also want to say that Dr. Brueck’s kind mannerism and professionalism have rubbed off onto his staff! I was impressed with all those that attended to me during my visit in his offices. Thank you again and of course I will recommend you to all that would be in need of your services.” – CM 7/23/15

“Dr. Brueck changed my life with re-forming my nose in 2014. I will be glad to recommend him for people with my condition. I was especially impressed with him as a person and the results of my surgery.” – JS 6/19/15

“I have done several procedures by Dr. Brueck over 10 years. It is a “must” to have a “Board Certified plastic surgeon” when doing any of these procedures. Dr. Brueck has the experience and track record of a very serious plastic surgeon. He has years of experience and is well revered in Ft. Myers. I would strongly suggest that Naples residents travel to Ft. Myers to consult with Dr. Brueck before committing to any procedure by a doctor in Naples for two reasons. One, you will experience a professional who is well aware of all options which could be presented. And two, you will be amazed at the expertise and knowledge gained by consulting with a true professional. I will bet that you will choose Dr. Brueck as the professional who you will feel comfortable with to put your trust. As a huge plus, I feel that you will find his fees are much more in tune with national fees as compared with very expensive Naples, Florida fees.” – Bonnie 6/12/15

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so very pleased with my experience with you, your team, and my surgery. I look so much younger and better! The result of my QuickLift, eye lift, and neck lift is dramatic!

I appreciate and admire your approach and look forward to a continued patient/professional relationship. You and your team make me feel pampered. Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you next week.” – AB 6/10/15

“Thank you so much Dr. Brueck and staff. I am so happy and its only been 2 days post surgery. Dr. Bob is so wonderful and caring to give you the results you’re dreaming about. I knew after my first consult that this was the right place to make me happy all around. Getting a hand-written card the day after meeting was icing on the cake. Thank you for making me love me.” – DG 6/9/15

“The professionalism and genuine caring attitude of all the staff (from the office, billing, surgical staff) made me feel very comfortable and secure. The results of replacing my 32 year old breast implants has been wonderful. The follow-up has been great and again shows kindness, caring, and dedication.” – MN 5/7/15

“Very great bedside manner and I feel like a lot of my worries went away. The staff is very kind and I do plan on going through with this surgery with Dr. Brueck.” – DS 4/29/15

“Everyone was friendly and very helpful. His staff was very informative.” – TJ 4/15/15

“Dr. Brueck is amazing! I had my tummy tuck 10 days ago and I am beyond thrilled. I would have never dreamed it could be so perfect.

Even though I’ve never been overweight, I could open a store with all the contraptions I have purchased for the last 55 years trying to keep my stomach in! Back in the 50’s there were those Playtex rubbery cylinders you could only slither into with a lot of baby powder. Then they got really hot and you were stuck in there.

Then came the steel boning from Frederick’s of Hollywood that I hoped would be delivered in a plain paper package – it wasn’t.

All it took was one morning with Dr. Brueck and his helpful staff and I don’t have to be the “master of camouflage” any longer. I can stick my shirt in! And I’m 67 years old! He and his staff checked on me and were right there to answer any questions or concerns. I recommend Dr. Brueck very highly. Thank you – thank you – thank you!!” – SA 2/27/15

“I’m in my 60’s and wish to age gracefully, so my goal was to ‘tweak’ some things here and there while retaining a natural look. Dr. Brueck was patient and kind; he took the time to alleviate my concerns and to answer my questions. He has been sincerely concerned about my recovery, which has been fairly rapid and problem-free. The results of the surgery have been fabulous!

Everyone: Dr. Brueck, his office staff, the operating-room staff are all sincere, friendly, and professional. They could not be kinder or better at putting you at ease. A totally caring, make-you-feel-comfortable experience in every way. Truly the best of the best!” – EV 1/16/15

“I started researching tummy tuck 4 months prior to my surgery, and found the site “Realself”. It’s about real people who are going through the plastic surgery experience. From the site I found Dr. Brueck. I chose him not only because of his proximity to where I was going to recover, but because he was a “top pick” with 33 years of experience. I was easily able to contact him through email where he and his staff responded quickly. I had learned of the Exparel shot through RealSelf and asked Dr. B if I could have that. He was open to the idea. It’s the latest, most talked about pain relief from the tummy tuck surgery. I was extremely glad Dr. Brueck did this procedure on me, because the shot numbed the muscle repair completely.

Even though my belly button was not what I expected, I also know the “innies” have a lot of problems with infections etc. I never had any problems with my belly button or incision.

My incision scar is nice and low. Dr. Brueck had a lot to work with, since it wasn’t just skin he had to deal with, but fat also. It is very hard to get a smooth, even scar line. He lipo(ed) my flank, and although it hurt the most, by far, the most important thing is the final outcome. My biggest fear was necrosis, the dying of skin tissue. I healed perfectly. My stomach is flat. I look great in my clothes.

Dr. Brueck went beyond what he normally does by giving me what I had asked for. The Exparel shot. I am grateful he listened, and my tummy tuck is healing. I am at the 4 week mark, and can’t wait to start kayaking this summer with my new, improved, and beautiful body. I feel… dare I say… sexy. Something I have never felt because of my stomach.

Thank you Dr. B and staff for making this experience possible for me. I am truly thankful. – CD 1/6/15

“Dr. Brueck cares about his patients. He takes time to explain whatever procedure he is going to be doing. He follow-ups with a call the night after the procedure to make sure you’re okay. I’ve never had a Dr. so thoughtful. He has done several surgeries on me over the past 20 some years and I have to say, I have never felt so comfortable and completely at ease with whatever procedure he has done. And I have never felt any discomfort or pain with him. Thank you Dear Lord for bringing Dr. Brueck into my life. May every person in need of his expertise find him and feel as so many of us do.” – TD 1/2/15

“Wonderful experience. Dr. Brueck and his staff were excellent. Dr. Brueck called the night after to check on my condition. He explained in great detail the procedure, the follow-up visits were the same. He spent time to make sure all my questions were fully understood. I would recommend him and his staff.” – HG 12/8/14

“Dr. Brueck and his staff get an A++. They are the most compassionate, thoughtful, and care group of professionals I have ever met. From the very first visit to the last follow up appointment I was treated like family. Dr. Brueck took time to explain my procedures and make his own recommendations. My first visit was just to answer some questions. I never felt pressure to schedule the surgery. After meeting Dr. Brueck I knew right away I wanted him as my surgeon. It’s been eight weeks since my procedures and I am 100% satisfied with both. I had under eye corrective work and breast augmentation. When I look in the mirror I can’t believe how young I look and my breasts are beautiful for the first time since I gave birth to my second child 25 years ago. I can’t thank Dr. Brueck enough. He is an amazing surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone needing cosmetic surgery.” – BC 12/6/14

“Awesome bedside manner before & after. His staff has been with him 9-15 years…experienced & very informative. Judy CRNA great, Ann surgical RN great…nice Surgical Clinic on site. Dr. Brueck explained & LISTENED to my concerns. Do your homework ladies…check out licensing & credentials. Go with experience & Board Certified physicians!! Get the BEST!! Dr. even called me the evening of surgery to see how I was doing.” – M 12/5/14

“I have been coming to Dr. Brueck’s office for years. He is such a great doctor and very personal and efficient. If I need any tags, cosmetic work done, he is the “man.” He’s the best. – GJ 12/1/14

“I am a long standing admirer of Dr. Brueck professionally, and personally. Over the 10+ years I have sought his services I have become increasingly aware of his deeply genuine passion for his patients health, beauty and well-being.

He has treated me for everything from ‘ugly spots’ to pre-cancer areas. We have discussed medical issues, work, business, family, and life. His gentle nature, compassion and kindness allows for open and honest interaction, without embarrassment or fear.

At my last visit with Dr. B, I shared with him that I had just been advised I had a serious medical issue requiring immediate coronary artery surgery at a local hospital. To my surprise he sat back down and talked with me about genetics, family history, and then, when I left his office, I was not just ‘out of sight – out of mind,’ he sent me a beautiful card and called me at home to see how I was doing! Truly above and beyond…

Also, lets not forget Dr. B’s staff. They too are efficient, friendly, very patient and caring! (P.S. They also speak highly of Dr. B as the ‘kindest, sweetest man they know’… that coming from those who spend the most time with him!). And you ‘gotta’ have a special love for Chi, Dr. B’s assistant, who always engages you as a person, not just a patient.

I am, we are, blessed to have Dr. Brueck in our lives!” – BH 11/22/14

“During my first consultation with Dr. Brueck, which he did not even charge me for, I quickly realized that he had empathy. He listened to my needs and suggested several options, giving me the final choice. His caring staff made me feel like family. The warm, friendly atmosphere seemed to settle my nerves immediately. My surgery was fast and easy. My results were perfect! Dr. Brueck’s “gifted hands” made me whole again. I feel like a new person and would highly recommend Dr. Brueck to anyone that is looking to look and feel their best.” – LG 11/20/14

“I had the quick lift procedure and upper eyelid surgery. Friends say I look fantastic. I am a “young” 62, but my sagging jowls made me look a lot older, except when I smiled, but you can’t walk around with a smile on your face all the time. Dr. Brueck is as down to earth as you can get; I liked him the moment he stepped in the room for my consultation. He explained the procedures thoroughly, and am very happy with the results. I have recommended him to three of my friends.” – L 11/12/14

“Love the look! Everyone was really nice and I look forward to seeing them again!” – PK 11/12/14

“I have been imprisoned with humongous breasts since my childhood. My boobies were bigger than all my friends and even most moms. As I got older, neck and back pain were a daily issue. Forget about feeling normal – my breasts were so huge and sagging that I felt so embarrassed as a woman. The reduction was finally a way to be free. Now I don’t really need a bra if I don’t want to wear one. HA!! I feel 16 only I never got to experience this when I really was 16. I’m so rejuvenated by my breast reduction.” – TF 11/8/14

“Thank you for treating my son Austin with respect and compassion. The whole day was made easier for Austin and myself because of the kindness and professionalism of the staff. Without the skill of Dr. Brueck Austin’s scar would be so much worse! Thank you! – THF 11/7/14

“I’m very happy that Dr. Robert Brueck and his staff members are very kind, professional, helpful, and caring to me. Dr. Brueck did a good job on my breast implant removal surgery. I’m 61 years old and I am very satisfied with the results. Also, their facility has a warm, friendly atmosphere. I would like to thank Dr. Brueck and his staff.” – TM 10/27/14

“I’ve scheduled my second surgery. Very pleased with my first one in 2011. Dr. Brueck is very easy to talk to and understands exactly what I want from my surgery. Very informative and thorough My facelift was much better than I expected and I have recommended Dr. Brueck to others. Love the staff and personal service.” – SEA 10/27/14

“First of all – I went onto your website and LOVE the new look! It looks fantastic, very classy and is easy to navigate and has much more information – love it!” – WB 10/27/14

“I called for an appointment for my son. I got my appointment quickly and was taken ON TIME at the appointment. No long waiting. I was very happy with Dr. Brueck. He explained everything in detail and answered every question we had. He was extremely pleasant and understanding of our situation. I will definitely trust him with the care for my son.” – KG 10/22/14

“When you are passionate about your job and really great at it, it shows! That is the case with Dr. Brueck. From the moment I meet Dr. Brueck and his exceptional staff, I knew I had found the perfect plastic surgeon. First and most importantly, Dr. Brueck’s bed side manner is that of a caring and concerned surgeon. He compassionately listened to all of my concerns and gave me several options on how to achieve the results I wanted. After speaking with him, I felt at ease to go forward with my surgery. This was such a great feeling because I had consultations with several other surgeons and did not feel as though they really listened to me and saw me as an individual and not a source of revenue. Dr. Brueck treated me like I was a special part of his family keeping my best interests at heart.

The next phase of the process was actually scheduling the surgery. When I scheduled my surgery with Debbie, it was such a pleasure. She understood that I had to work around my husband’s busy schedule and my kid’s school schedules. She ensured that all of my scheduling needs were met. In addition, she never pressured me to have it done earlier or hounded me for a deposit to hold a surgery date. At other offices, I felt pressured to rush and sign the papers or they wouldn’t secure a date for me or honor the quoted price. This high pressure sales pitch was definitely not the case with Dr. Brueck’s practice. Just as Dr. Brueck kept my best interests as his priority, so did Debbie.

As for the actual surgery, it went extremely well. I arrived at 5:45 AM and was cheerfully greeted by Brandy Dr. Brueck’s surgical nurse. She kept me calm and discussed everything I was going to experience. That was such a relief to me because I have never had surgery and was quite anxious the day of my procedure. At this time I also met Judy, Dr. Brueck’s nurse anesthetist. She remembered from our conversations earlier in the week that I had never been under anesthesia before and was concerned about being ill or having difficulty waking up from the procedure. Thanks to Judy, I had no complications and was ready to leave by 9 AM.

After the surgery, Dr. Brueck called my home to ensure I was comfortable and doing well. The following day Chi, Dr. Brueck’s nurse also called me to check in. She was so sweet and happy to help post op in any way possible. She told me to call at any time if I needed anything or simply had any questions. I did call with some questions and when I did Chi was so caring and answered all of my questions.

Words simply cannot express how exceptional Dr. Brueck and his staff truly are. You must have the “Beauty by Brueck” experience for yourself to see what a gifted and talented surgeon Dr. Brueck is! I am confident you will be pleased with the new you just as I am!” – MW 9/29/14

“I’m really happy I chose Dr. Brueck to do my surgery. He and his staff were very friendly, and answered all of my questions. Dr. Brueck explained to me exactly what he was going to do and what kind of implants he was going to put in. I would recommend my doctor to anyone looking to get a breast augmentation.” – RealSelf User 9/16/14

“My neck has always bothered me. My jawline and neck had no real definition. I started looking into cosmetic surgery about 20 years ago. Dr. Brueck was my 4th doctor’s consultation. I would always talk myself out of it with the other doctors. But with Dr. Brueck, I felt comfortable enough to talk with him about exactly what I didn’t like. He listened and talked to me about different options. I went back to him three times before I decided on the option I wanted. Now, I’m one month post surgery and could not be happier. In addition to Dr. Brueck being so great, his staff is also equally as wonderful. The love they have for their job shows and I think it stems from Dr. Brueck’s commitment to his patients.” – RealSelf User 9/13/14

“If you have chronic back pain, a breast reduction is the way to go. I recommend Dr. Brueck to anyone. Thank you again Dr. Brueck.” – VR 9/5/14

“Thank you so much for the excellent care given during my recent beast reduction procedure. I am now 5 weeks post-op. I’m back at the gym, able to increase my workouts weekly. I AM THRILLED with my new look, my posture has improved and I look great in my clothes. The best part? No more sore shoulders & backaches. My only regret is that I didn’t do it years ago. THANK YOU AGAIN DR. & STAFF!!” – PG 8/25/14

“Dear Dr. Brueck,
There are so many incredible testimonials regarding you and your staff. I hope mine makes the cut! My surgery was just two weeks ago and I never expected to look this good in such a short time. What amazes me the most is the absent of pain. I was never in pain! I had extensive surgery…brow lift, neck lift, quick lift, fat injections and chemical peel. Dr. B knew just what to do. I never doubted his expertise and talented hands to make me pretty again. I am 73 years old and looked angry all the time. It was difficult for me to apply makeup with sagging lids. I now feel 20 years younger. My close friends are speechless, and ready for a consult with Dr. B. His entire staff is compassionate and caring. Chi Myers is a total delight. She is so caring and attentive and is my favorite nurse. Being his patient was an exceptional experience for me. I am so grateful and fortunate to have Dr. B as my surgeon.” – DC 8/19/14

“I went on three breast consultations but I like Dr. Robert Brueck’s knowledge, expertise and mannerism the best of all three. Before I had the Breast Aug, I felt like I was a little girl when it came to my breasts. I didn’t fill out all of my bra’s, shirts and dresses the way they were suppose to look on a woman’s body. After the Breast Aug, I feel like a new woman and I feel confident, sexy and at long last feel like a “real woman”. Thank you Dr. Robert Brueck for letting me feel good about myself and will definitely refer to you my friends and family. Thanks Again :D” – Victoria 8/13/14

“Not only is Dr. Brueck friendly and nice, he is a very good surgeon. My results were far better than I expected. His staff is very friendly also so the whole experience was very pleasant. I should have done it years ago.” – TM 8/2/14

“After serious thought decided to have breast augmentation. My breast needed help, they were saggy, uneven, and lost all their shape through the years. Just wanted them back to the way they were and that is what Dr. Brueck located in Ft. Myers, FL did. He is an awesome surgeon who took away all my fears about this procedure, and his staff was great. My only regret is that I waited so long.” – GM 7/7/14

“Dr. Brueck and his staff are amazing! I am happy with the decision to have a breast explant, and with the results. Dr. Brueck, I appreciate you!” – DS 6/22/14

“Dr. Brueck did a wonderful job. His staff was professional and very nice. Would highly recommend him.” – CP 6/11/2014

“It has now been 6 months post op and I am amazed at the results of my breast aug. I had silicon overs. I have amazing cleavage and they’re super soft. Before meeting with Dr. B I thought going to Miami would be the best thing to do for my surgery after a couple appointments in Miami I changed my mind big time. In Miami it was not personal and they just want you in and out. Meeting with Dr. B I knew right away he knew his stuff, he is experienced and knows how to flatter your body. Thank you Dr. B for making me feel even more beautiful!!” – JA 2/24/14

“When I first went to Dr. Brueck I felt absolutely UGLY. Now that I’ve had surgery and a little time has passed, I look absolutely fabulous. For being almost 70 years old, Dr. Brueck has given me a body any YOUNG girl would envy or wish for. He is truly a Michelangelo in his profession. His caring and concern for your feelings as well as any emotional misgivings you may feel are completely dissolved with the strength, confidence and total commitment he gives you during and after your procedure. Thank you Dr. Brueck. You are awesome.” – TB 12/16/13

“Dr. Brueck did an outstanding job. I feel like a new person. No more “flabby” stomach. He answered all my questions prior to surgery and phoned me at home afterwards to check up on me. Never has a surgeon done that before. His staff was just as outstanding.” – Danielle 12/10/13

“From the first visit Dr. Brueck’€™s staff was outstanding! The consultation was free too! I never felt uncomfortable at any of my appointments. The doctor answered every question I had and he was very kind, puts you at ease. I had been to other plastic surgeons in the past, but I will continue to see Dr. Brueck because he is the best! In fact I just scheduled another surgery which I will have soon and I can’t wait for it.” – LG 12/8/13

“Dr. Brueck was awesome, staff was great. Chi is wonderful. Results were beyond my expectations, I am already very happy with the result, it’s only been three and half weeks. Lipo on stomach, inner outer thighs, body and butt. Compression garment was way big so just bought one online. Very happy from start to finish.” – ND 12/7/13

“I found Dr. Brueck and his staff exceptional in every way. Dr. Brueck listens and has a great deal of compassion. He puts the needs and wants of the patient first. If you know what you want he will accommodate you and not try to push anything on you. If you are not sure what you want he will supply you with many options.” – AB 10/2/13

“An absolutely delightful experience. Courtesy, professionalism is outstanding. No reservations to continue with Dr. Brueck & staff.” – LM 9/30/13

“I found Dr. Brueck and his staff exceptional in every way. Dr. Brueck listens and has a great deal of compassion. He puts the needs and wants of the patient first. If you know what you want he will accommodate you and not try to push anything on you. If you are not sure what you want he will supply you with many options.” – JP 9/27/13

“Dr. Brueck did a fantastic job. He made me feel comfortable and never rushed any of my appointments with him. He did just what I asked him to do and I would strongly recommend him”. – BL 9/16/13

“I was fortunate to have Dr. Brueck as my surgeon back in 1998. I had a great experience and wonderful results.

When I recently decided to proceed with my desire to have liposuction, choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon was a no-brainer. Although I did check out other surgeons online, Dr.Brueck was still my first and only choice, with no doubt in my mind. Chi and Debi and the entire staff were all so friendly and accommodating and they make you feel so comfortable and not embarrassed at all. Chi was wonderful and was very patient with me during the entire pre-op phase. She treats like you a friend, not just a patient!

Dr. Brueck was very patient with me and listened to all of my concerns and questions, but he immediately knew and understands exactly what I wanted and explained what would work best for me. He explained everything to me in detail, but in a way that I understood completely. I felt comfortable right way that he just ‘got it’ and knew what I wanted.

If you want a surgeon who takes time to talk to you, explain thoroughly, listen to you, answer your questions, reassure you with complete confidence.. and all of this in one appointment.. as if you were his only patient that day..this is the experience you will get from Dr. Brueck. He is very professional, caring and compassionate, In addition to years of experience, Dr.Brueck also has a great sense of humor and easy going nature that you can’t help but feel comfortable and know that you have made the right choice in choosing him. My surgery was a few months ago and I couldn’t be happier. Dr. Brueck did an amazing job. His expansive knowledge, expertise and incredible talent gave me beautiful results that are noticeable, yet very natural. I am very happy with my new and improved figure and I am much more confident.

Most important, once your surgery is over, Dr. Brueck doesn’t just breeze you through your “post-op” appointments-he is still there, committed, to make sure you are happy and satisfied with your results. If there is anything you are still insecure about, he is right there with you to discuss openly and make sure you are completely satisfied.

As far as my overall experience in regards to my surgery, recovery and Dr. Brueck and his staff, I would give 5 out of 5 stars, and then some!” – WR 8/15/13

“You ask, “How Did We Do?” All aspects and all staff members were absolutely great!

Dr. Brueck, you are the best. Your caring personality came through to me immediately and made me feel totally comfortable with all you had planned. Because of your kindness, all my fears were erased. Your expertise, experience and fairness are the reason for the amazing results of my procedure. I am thrilled with the outcome (as is Bob) and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel like “the younger me” again.

I would also like to give a special thank you to Chi, your beautiful assistant. She is fantastic and so very friendly and caring. She also made me feel totally at ease with the upcoming procedure.

I send love and appreciation to all and want you to know that I will always recommend you. You’re the best in my eyes!” – CG 8/20/13

“Words can’t express my excitement and total satisfaction regarding the successful results of my face-, neck- and eyelift. Friends, family and professionals are saying: “I don’t know what you have done but now you look amazing.” I’ve been told that I look 15 years younger. I appreciate the extensive time Dr. Brueck took for consultation, surgery and healing process. I am amazed! The results are unbelievable and natural. The whole process was relatively painless and Dr. Brueck personally called me to inquire about my well-being.

The mirror is my best friend. Thank you, Dr. Brueck. I would recommend Dr. Brueck to anyone who is looking for the best surgeon in the area. Again, thank you Dr. Brueck, for your highly professional and sensitive approach. And thanks to your wonderful team.”. – SS 8/13/13

“Dr. Brueck is amazing. I was referred to Dr. Brueck in an emergent situation. He was willing to keep the office open for me to get there under the circumstances that I was in. He knew exactly what needed to be done and did it. The results are amazing. I am thrilled with the result and I trust Dr. Brueck. I had no idea what expect, but it definitely exceeded any expectation I could have imagined. Thank you to Dr. Brueck and all of his staff.” – TM 7/12/13

“I visited many doctors but after meeting with Dr. Brueck I knew he was the right doctor. I know I made the right decision because my surgery went smooth and I could not be happier with the results. The care from pre-op to post-op has been incredible. Special thanks to Dr. B, Chi & Debbie for making this the best choice.” – MS 7/8/13

“I have found Dr. Robert Brueck to be professional and experienced. He did my breast augmentation and eye lift and I was extremely happy with his work that I went back to him for a mini facelift. His staff also has treated me very well and the surgical staff treated me like gold. I would recommend Dr. Brueck and his staff to all my friends and family.” – PG 7/7/13

“I’m so very happy with Dr. Brueck and his staff. I always said “facelift at 50″. I actually had a neck lift 3 yrs earlier than my saying. I saw Dr. Brueck on TV. I also received a discount card in the mail. I just knew he was the man to trust for the job.

I’m a new person. I look good and I am more confident. The surgery went perfect and my recovery time lasted about 10 days. Slight discomfort. No pain.

I could not be more delighted with the outcome. Thank you!” – JD 7/3/13

“Dear Dr. Brueck:

Thank you so very much for keeping me cancer free, but still having a presentable lovely face. You are wonderful and will always be grateful to your incredible abilities as a plastic surgeon. May God bless you and keep you always” – RT 7/1/13

“My friends and family kept telling me I was crazy.  They said, “You look great” and “You’re being too critical” but, that’s not how I felt.  I found myself making things up to reply to comments such as; “Are you ok?” “you look tired” You look sad”, etc.  I would tell people I hadn’t slept well or that my allergies were bothering me when the truth was I felt great!  I was sick and tired of looking sick and tired but didn’t know what to do or where to start.  Then I met Dr. Brueck…He had been recommended to my son to have a spot removed from his face.  The results were fantastic so on his last follow-up appointment I mustered the courage to ask him about my concerns.  He told me that I didn’t really need everything I thought I did.  With a few minimally invasive procedures he could have me looking happy again.  From that moment on he had my full trust and I never looked back.  He performed an upper eyelid lift and fat graft to fill the loss of volume in my cheeks and around my mouth.  Now I look as happy as I feel and will be forever grateful.  God has truly blessed you with a talent for this work as well as a kind, supportive staff. You rock Dr. B!!” JT 6/12/13

“I visited many doctors but after meeting w/ Dr. Brueck I knew he was the right doctor.  I know I made the right decision because my surgery went to smooth and I could not be happier with the results.  The care from pre-op to post-op has been incredible.  Special thanks to Dr. B, Chi 7 Debbie for making this the best choice!” – MS 6/12/13

“I have found Dr. Robert Brueck to be professional and experienced.  He did my breast augmentation and eyelift and I was extremely happy with his work that I went back to him for a mini facelift.  His staff also has treated me very well and the surgical staff treated me like gold.  I would recommend Dr. Brueck and his staff to all my friends and family.” – PG 6/12/13

“My entire experience for my breast augmentation was a lot on a scale of 1-10. From the first appointment through the eleven day follow-up appointment, the doctor, nurses, and support people were wonderful and certainly put me at ease through the entire process. A retired nurse, retired ER doctor, recommended Dr. Brueck and I will do the same as my experience was also very positive. He and his entire team are professional and take pride and care in what they are doing for you as an individual. I could not be happier with my results.” – SD 6/9/13

“On January 25, 2013, I had a tummy tuck and liposuction on my flanks and inner thighs. I had an apron of extra skin and fat that I could not shed after my gastric bypass in 2007. Now, that apron is long gone. So where do I begin? It is four months post-op and I am ecstatic with the results. I now have the self-confidence I was seeking to be able to continue my weight loss journey and exercise regime. I have lost 25 pounds to date and feel like a new woman in my skin. I am actually starting to love my body again! Now I have a slim waist with an hourglass figure that wows my husband. Dr. Brueck has helped me to feel beautiful and sexy again. Dr. B took all the time in the world to answer my questions and concerns both pre and post-op. I love his staff. Dr. B has surrounded himself with a fabulous support team. Kudos also go out to Chi, Dr. B’s nurse. She is so darling, warm and caring – like an old friend. In addition to being an amazing doctor, Bob Brueck is an incredible human being. Inspirational, knowledgeable, compassionate, professional and uplifting describe this fabulous man. My heart goes out in thanks to you Dr. B for allowing me to celebrate life again at age 50.” – BK 6/1/13

“Dr. Brueck and his staff did such a magnificent job! I had an upper blepharoplasty, medium chemical peel & skin cancer surgery all on the same day, I must say the pain and swelling were minimal and the results fantastic! It’s only been a week and I’ve already had people comment on how impressed they are at the marked improvements. I very highly recommend Dr. Brueck and all the personnel, both in his office , & at SW FL Institute of Ambulatory Surgery. You will never go wrong using them.” – MLM 5/31/13

“I am thrilled with the results of my recent “Quicklift”. Undertaking this procedure at 64, I was looking for a “refreshed” appearance not a taut, obvious facelift. The “Quicklift” combined with a lower bleph achieved my goal thanks to Dr. Brueck’s expert skills.” – DL 5/17/13

” I feel extremely fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Brueck for treatment of rhinophyma several years ago. My nose appeared to be twice its original size and “ugly as hell”. After a 30 or 40 minute procedure with the finest and most capable surgeon I have ever met (and I have met several), Dr. Brueck made me look and feel fifteen years younger. I will be forever grateful”. – RH 5/15/13

“On Saturday night my husband and I went to his alumni banquet and I really put makeup on for the first time in a while…. He thought I looked so good that he took these pictures of me…. I would like to share them with Dr. Brueck and his staff…. I am so pleased with his work and people look at me and don’t know what to say as they know I look different, but can’t put there finger on why….   Again…… I feel like I look beautiful now, especially being almost 72…” – PM 5/4/13

“I had an eyelid lift. Everyone was great. My eyes look alert, refreshed. I got excellent care. Dr. Brueck was so nice and cared about my concerns. Everything came out great. Yours will too.” – A. P. 3/21/13

“I had several spots and growths on my face that were causing me great concern. Dr. Brueck treated me with care and concern and set all my fears at ease. He removed them and now my life is one of joy and confidence. He was the answer to my prayer. I highly recommend him with great pleasure and sincerity. He is a rock in the community and has the utmost integrity.”- A.G. 3/7/13

“Dr. Robert Brueck is who I trusted to do my face…. I had a sagging neck and jowl appearance before he worked on me…. He identifies your needs & the results are REMARKABLE! Dr. Brueck strives for and achieves perfection…. He is trustworthy, has a big heart, enjoys helping you look your best and is a Christian! He has a quality staff that is always helpful and friendly. We would highly recommend his services…. He has been GREAT to us!” – P.M. 2/28/13

“Dr. Brueck and Staff,

I can’t put into words how special and relaxed you all made me feel when I came in. This was a big step for me and knowing you all were there to help meant the world to me. Dr. Brueck is so kind and gentle. I had no trouble going into surgery. I highly recommend him and his staff. Thank you again”. – L.H. 2/27/13

“Where do I begin? When I first met Dr. B, I was immediately comfortable. He took all the time in the world to answer all my questions and concerns. He has tons of years of experience and there isn’t anything he hasn’t seen. I love his staff, they always called back quickly to address my concerns no matter how small. Can’t say enough about how wonderful they all are. I am so pleased with my results. My breasts are even more perfect than I ever could have imagined. Dr. B, in addition to being an amazing Dr. he is an incredible human being. Kind, caring compassionate and skilled. Thank you so much, B. I would recommend you to anyone!” – S.R. 2/12/13

“On January 11, 2013, I had a neck lift, lower facelift, eyebrow lift and eyelid bleph.  The entire experience was amazing.  Dr. Brueck truly makes you feel as if you have been life long friends.  His no pressure no rush consultations gave me a feeling of confidence and calm.  The surgery results are nothing short of miraculous! The entire staff made me  feel welcome and appreciated.  I can not say enough about Dr. Brueck and his team.  I highly recommend him.: – E.E. 2/10/13

“Dr. Brueck and his staff worked very hard to accommodate me. The procedure went flawlessly. I followed all Dr. Brueck’s instructions closely and was back to work after only 17 days.I look healthier now than I have in years, and I feel amazing. Nothing I did on my own would improve my appearance. Now my outside matches my fitness effort. I wish I hadn’t waited so long to do this. Thank you Dr. Brueck and Chi”. – I. B. 2/1/2013.

“Though my ophthalmologist suggested that I have upper eyelid surgery, the decision to have the surgery was more difficult than the choice of surgeons. In choosing Dr. Brueck, I assumed I would experience excellent medical care delivered in a professional manner; my expectations were more than met.

“The skills of the surgeon were never in doubt. but the courtesy and efficiency of the staff were a pleasant surprise. The pre-op and post-op instructions were communicated in a clear and understandable manner. The reminder calls regarding appointments were appreciated. The caring attention of Dr. Brueck’s nurse was certainly notable.

“I would recommend Dr. Brueck without any reservation to my family and friends. He will make a surgical experience as pleasant as possible.” – LD 1/18/2013

“Dr. Brueck’s staff & assistants are friendly & extremely helpful. I am totally pleased with the outcome of my surgery. The results of surgery are unsurpassed. I have received multiple personal compliments. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Dr. Robert Brueck.” – LM 1/18/2013

“Dr. Brueck & Chi:

I made the decision to have cosmetic surgery. I had several consultations with plastic surgeons and decided to have the work done by Dr. Brueck & his incredible staff. I went with the LunchTime Lift and because of so much freckling & sun damage also got the Obagi skin care line he offers. So glad I did. Wonderful results and I could not be happier with the outcome. If you are thinking about making some changes – I would recommend having your consultation with Dr. Brueck. You will be so glad you did. Thank you again.” – CJC 1/14/2013

“Upper eyelid and neck lift surgery were performed together.  It worked perfect.  My eyes and neck have the same look as when I was twenty.  And yes I would do it all again.  Everything was routine and easy.  Yet, this is serious surgery, without a doubt,  Dr. Brueck is an extremely skilled surgeon.  Dr. Brueck has my complete trust” – BA 1/10/2013

“A Wonderful Doctor!” – TG 1/2011

“I can’t say enough about the wonderful care I received from Dr. Brueck and his staff. After waiting five years, there was never a question about who I wanted as my surgeon. He provides a comfort level that makes you feel like you are his only patient.” – S.B-C. 2012

“I would see no other surgeon Dr. Brueck Treats his patients like gold, and the results are flawless.” M.B.2012

“I love my breast reduction! It is the best thing I have ever done – I feel so much better! Thanks Dr. B.!! You are the best!” – P.C., 2011

“Hey Doc, Thanks for the new tummy, it looks great. My friends are all jealous!!” – CT, 9/2012

“I would highly recommend Dr. Robert Brueck to anyone needing cosmetic surgery – I had two procedures done – eye lift & neck surgery. I am getting so many compliments now that it’s unreal – I look ten years younger and I really have a lot of confidence now that I had the procedures done – I look good, I feel better about myself and I love all the compliments I’m getting from all my friends. I love you, Dr. Brueck, for changing my life.” – BM 12/17/2012

“I would like to thank Dr. Brueck for the excellent work he did in repairing my nose. I lost the majority of the left side of my nose to skin cancer. I was so devastated by the extent of the damage on my face and thought it was going to be scarred for life. I can’t express in words how pleased I was with the results – my nose looks better than I ever thought it would. He did an awesome job ! Dr. Brueck and his staff was a delight to work with and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who wants “Great Results”. – SD 11/12/12

“I am very pleased with the results of my nose surgery. Dr. Brueck and all of the nurses and staff are welcoming and comforting. Dr. Brueck is very knowledgeable of every process of pre and post surgery and is always available to give me any more comfort education and reassurance o any concerns of mine.” – AK 11/27/12

“What a wonderful experience I had with Dr. Brueck and his staff. They took me through my eye surgery step by step with complete caring and competence” – MAW 11/17/12

The following testimonial just knocked me out. I love all my patients. Sometimes the love they reflect back is almost overwhelming, like this patient did.

“When I finally decided to take the big step, take the plunge into plastic surgery, of course my biggest concern, was who to trust to do the work. I know they say to interview lots of doctors before you decide and to get recommendations, but I didn’t know anyone where I live who could suggest where to even begin.

“Then a thought occurred to me, why not go to the same doctor who had done a facelift for my mother years ago. My brother, who works in the medical profession, also knew of Dr. Brueck and his excellent reputation. It seemed like the perfect solution, so I made an appointment.

“From the moment Dr. Brueck entered the room, I knew I had made the right decision. It’s difficult to explain sometimes how you just know something is right, you just know. Maybe it was his confidence, maybe it was his air of professionalism, but he knew exactly what I was talking about, what I was looking for. He didn’t try to talk me out of anything; he didn’t try to talk me into anything. Dr. Brueck listened to my concerns and outlined a procedure in a way that made me feel like he completely understood what I wanted to accomplish. I am a very conservative person, but I decided right then and there this is what I was going to do., that’s how sure I was of being in the right hands.

“It’s about six months now since I had my face and neck lift. It was definitely the right decision. I am so pleased with the results; I have to stop myself from looking in the mirror and admiring my new self. I feel so much younger. The things that made me so self-conscious over the years, my saggy neck, a little jowly around the jaw, and that tired look have given way to a cleaner, younger profile. And the best part was that when I returned home from Florida, no one noticed anything different. I still looked like me, just the younger version of myself.

“I think everyone has things that bother them about the way they look, and we tend to magnify our faults. And when you tell your friends that you are considering a facelift they try to talk you out of it, probably because they think you’ll end up like one of those peculiar puppet heads who have gone too far and now just look strange and inhuman. They think you won’t look like you anymore. But now my friends just ask me why I never look any older, how do I stay looking so youthful? They can’t tell I’ve had surgery. So if you are considering plastic surgery, consider Dr. Brueck, and you will be in good hands. My husband, who tried to talk me out of this for years, now calls Dr. Brueck an artist. I know I made the right choice.” – C.B. 11/20/2012

This one is from RealSelf:

“My first breast reconstruction needed to be done for a second time because of how poor the outcome was for my reconstruction after my double mastectomy.

“I went to Dr. Brueck because of his excellent reputation and skills. Dr. Bob Brueck is one of the most caring physicians I know. He and his staff are compassionate and competent. It is easy to see that Dr. Brueck’s priorities include providing outstanding service and making sure patients are comfortable.

As a survivor of breast cancer, I went to Dr. Brueck because of his excellent reputation and skills. When I went for my second reconstruction, the entire staff including Chi his long time assistant made me feel completely at ease. I went into surgery confident that all would go well with the knowledge that he and his staff had my best interests in mind. They were with me every step of the way and I am extremely pleased with the results and beyond any of my dreams I feel better and look great.” – RealSelf 11/12/2012

Doctor’s Bedside Manner – 5/5 Stars

Answered My Questions- 5/5 Stars

After Care Follow-Up- 5/5 Stars

Time Spent With Me – 5/5 Stars

Phone or Email Responsiveness- 5/5 Stars

Staff Professionalism & Courtesy- 5/5 Stars

Payment Process- 5/5 Stars

Wait Times- 5/5 Stars

“Caring, Gentle Surgeon – Great Tummy Tuck 11/5/12

Overall rating –   Excellent

Helps patients understand their condition  – Excellent

Listens and addresses questions and concerns – Excellent

Demonstrates bedside manner –   Excellent

Office staff is professional and courteous –  Excellent

Office facility is clean and comfortable –   Excellent

I recommend Robert Brueck. Last visit was 1-6 months ago. Average wait time was 5 minutes.

Thank you so much! It has been 7 weeks since my tummy tuck, arm lift and implants and the results are incredible.

Scarring is minimal and I was able to return to work after 2 weeks! After having a prior breast reduction and then losing 140lbs, my body was left with so much extra skin, it destroyed my self esteem.

Since the surgery, I have more self esteem now than I have had in my entire life!

I was comforted by the 3 consultation sessions to ease my anxiety prior to surgery. Your calming demeanor and patience with the endless questions I had made it so I never once felt pressured or rushed.

Your staff is top notch; especially Chi!

Thank you for making my dream affordable! ” – LP 11/4/12

“Dr. Brueck’s bedside manner is impeccable. He is very caring & reassures you, everything will be okay. He makes you feel like you are his only patient. Dr. Brueck has done three surgeries on my nose for basal cell. His work is a gift from God.

Dr. Brueck’s assistant (Chi) is outstanding & very personable. Her patient interaction is phenomenal. God bless Dr. Brueck & his office staff.” – DS 10/22/12

“Very satisfied with Dr. Brueck’s professionalism, mannerism & expertise. Dr. Brueck explained everything I could expect from the procedures I had done. My results were better than I had anticipated. Dr. Brueck removed a large basal cell cancer from the back of my neck in January of 2012, & performed an upper blepharoplasty on 10-19-12. Dr. Brueck and his staff are as good as they come.” – RN, 10/24/12

“I have been coming to Dr. Brueck for several years. I have always found him & his staff very friendly & professional. Recently, I had eyelid surgery. Before the surgery I looked old & mad. Now, thanks to Dr. Brueck, I look great. Friends have told me I look 10 years younger!! Dr. Brueck is the only one I would go to for any cosmetic needs.” – JK, 11/01/12

“Dr. Brueck,

Thank you so much! It has been 7 weeks since my tummy tuck, arm lift and implants and the results are incredible. Scarring is minimal and I was able to return to work after 2 weeks! After having a prior breast reduction and then losing 140lbs, my body was left with so much extra skin,it destroyed my self esteem. Since the surgery, I have more self esteem now than I have had in my entire life!

I was comforted by the 3 consultation sessions to ease my anxiety prior to surgery. Your calming demeanor and patience with the endless questions I had made it so I never once felt pressured or rushed. Your staff is top notch; especially Chi!

Thank you for making my dream affordable! Thanks Again, – LP

Dr. Brueck and his staff are the best. He is a very caring and compassionate doctor. I would recommend him highly. I had a lower facelift about a year ago and I love the results. His staff was very knowledgeable and friendly and answered any questions you may have.”

“Dr. Brueck was recommended to me for a breast implant replacement. After 16 years mine collapsed. He was very nurturing and kind explaining what needed to be done. In less than a week from my first appointment I was having surgery. The results are OUTSTANDING. It is better than my first one. If other problems arise in the future, I would absolutely return to Dr. Brueck!”

“Dear Dr. B & Linda:

I really wanted to thank you for helping me out with the miraDry procedure . I am just heading home from a conference where I came home each night with completely unstained dress shirts. It’s hard to explain how shocking and unbelievable it is for me. It’s also quite liberating not to have to worry about embarrassment via pit stains at all. It has already helped my confidence and will probably soon expand by clothing horizons considerably. I can’t thank you enough… ”

Here’ are two AVVO patient testimonials:

“I recommend Robert Brueck. Last visit was 1-6 months ago. Average wait time was 10 minutes. “Exceptional! Based on my experience, I feel Dr. Brueck is one of the most caring, knowledgeable and skilled Physicians in his field. My procedures include Quick Lift, Upper eye lift, and Hetter Peel under eye and around mouth. It’s been about 5 months post-op and I am thrilled about the way I look and feel. His staff is the absolute best. Always happy to answer questions or concerns. A great comfort! I would recommend Dr. Brueck without a doubt to anyone. No disappointments here!”

“I recommend Robert Brueck. Last visit was 1 month ago. Average wait time was 5 minutes.

Awesome…the only way I know how to explain Dr Brueck! I had my first appointment with him a few weeks ago. He was professional and yet warm. He is confident in his abilities but has a kind and humble spirit. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Here’s another testimonial via RealSelf, followed by one via AVVO, both of which were forwarded to me in July, 2012.

“Due to two pregnancies, my stomach skin was stretched out.  I work out faithfully but sit ups did not help my loose skin on my tummy.  My friend’s sister had a tummy tuck and liposuction, and she recommended me to see Dr. Brueck. He had done a great job with her tummy tuck and liposuction surgery so I scheduled an appointment to see him.

Dr. Brueck has an excellent bedside manner.  He is a warm, compassionate and caring surgeon.  At the first consultation with Dr. Brueck I felt immediately comfortable. I knew I didn’t need to see other plastic surgeons.  He was the surgeon for me.

I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery. I love my new tummy.  I look great in my favorite jeans.  I just went to the beach the other day, and I now feel confident in my bikini.  ”

My friend’s sister recommended me to Dr. Brueck. She also had a tummy tuck and liposuction surgery, and she is very happy with her results.

I had a tummy tuck procedure and liposuction about 8 weeks ago. I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery. Dr. Brueck is a very gentle, caring and compassionate doctor. I would highly recommend him for a tummy tuck and liposuction surgery.

A few days after surger

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