What’s New in Anti-Aging?

One of the questions many of my patients ask me is, “what can I do to preserve/improve my complexion?” They’ve had a facelift and now moving forward wondering what’s next?

Is there something I can do non surgically?

Several months ago one of my patients introduced me to a new product called Liquid BioCell. At first I didn’t pay much attention but when Amber told me that not only is it good for your skin, but it’s also good for your joints. I have to say getting up in the morning can present some challenges with sore, achy joints.

What is Liquid BioCell? It is a liquid dietary supplement. You take 2 oz. in the morning and 2 oz. in the evening. There are 4 different formulations but I have been taking Liquid BioCell Life. Liquid BioCell contains highly bioavailable hyaluronic acid and biologically active collagen peptides. In the Life formulation there is resveratrol and 13 different varieties of fruit which contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals as well as dietary fiber. As we age our skin thins out and we lose collagen content. Clinical trials have shown that Liquid BioCell causes an increase in collagen content in our skin. This is sort of like repairing our skin from the inside out. It also improves microcirculation. Collagen content in skin has been shown to increase with daily use of Liquid BioCell. The dryness and scaliness associated with aging skin is markedly improved. I now have been taking Liquid Biocell for 4 months and have noticed a significant improvement in my skin tone and clarity. My skin is not has dry as before and the frosting on the cake is that my joints do not bother me as much as before. So for me it has been a two-fer or two for one. Better skin and joint health.

Dr. Brueck

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