Recently I had a patient come into see me regarding a possible facelift.  She had already spent thousands of dollars on a “thread lift.”  She said it was wasted money.  The popularity is because there is minimal downtime and pretty much anyone can perform it.  This was appealing to many non-plastic surgeons such as dentists, podiatrists, pretty much any physician.  The question is, do they work?  I recently read a review in the March 2018 edition of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery.  They found that most of the studies involving various thread lifts showed only a limited effect and/or limited longevity.  The lifting effect of thread lifts were fair or poor in 45% of patients.  In the article they said contour threads found a high rate of revision.  The effects of the thread lifts were almost 100% gone in 6-12 months.  I used to do thread lifts and when I saw no lasting effects past 3-6 months I stopped doing them.  They are expensive!  So in the end I tell my patients, save your money and get something that will last like a Quick lift. Come into see me for a free consult.