Stretch Marks – Fact and Fiction

If there is one thing people – men and women despise is stretch marks.  They are commonly called strial.  Usually they occur as the skin is stretched most commonly by pregnancy or excessive weight gain.  When the skin is overly stretched collagen production in the dermis is disrupted and strial develop.  Stretch marks occur more commonly in females vs. men.  Genes play a part too – they do run in families.  Most women develop their stretch marks via pregnancy.  Fortunately most stretch marks appear below the belly button.  The best solution is a tummy tuck.  Usually most women also have a lot of skin so a tummy tuck will remove loose skin, tighten the abdominal wall muscle AND remove your stretch marks.  Another way to treat stretch marks is to use microneedling with PRP or platelet rich plasma.  This is an outpatient procedure and can be done about once a month.  Usually this is effective while the stretch marks are relatively new.  An average of 3 treatments are required.  One can also try a pulsed laser or Sciton.  Some women will try to prevent stretch marks by massaging a moisturizing cream over their abdomen.  Some will use Retin-A but you can’t nurse a baby and use Retin-A.

Dr. Brueck

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