The concept is to cover our aged, wrinkled skin with a thin bio membrane or second skin.  Researchers at MIT have developed a thin transparent polymer film to lay over your “old” skin to give you new skin.  This polymer film is only 70 thousandths of a millimeter.  That’s thin.  You apply it in the morning and take it off at night.  You can do all your normal activities such as swimming and exercising.  Some people may be able to wear it longer.  This new skin may also be used to mask skin blemishes like port wine stains.  The skin is actually 2 creams.  First a clear layer of silicone polymer goes on.   The second cream contains a catalyst causing a chemical reaction.  This new skin was very good under eye bags.  It is still early in testing, but the scientists hope the product will be on the market in a year or two.