Buttock enhancement or gluteal augmentation is rapidly growing in popularity.  For many it is commonly known as Brazilian buttock lift or BBL.  I recently read an article that was a review of articles discussing safety and efficacy of buttock or gluteal augmentation.  In 2002 there were only 614 procedures performed while in 2014 the number had risen to 21,446!  This is due to culture and weather for sure.  Placement of a silicone implant is preferred by some surgeons but risks include infection, seroma, wound dehiscence, rotation, encapsulation leading to hardness and palpability.  Where as with fat grafting results are sometimes uncertain depending on how much fat will survive.  The important thing after reviewing the world literature is that complication rate for gluteal augmentation with silicone implants is not as some have reported, 38.1% but it is still quite high at 21.6%.  The complication rate for fat grafting is 9.9%.  This is one reason I don’t use  implants but prefer fat.