Protein Rich Plasma and Hair Loss

Today we all want convenience, no pain with no down time.  Androgenic alopecia (AGA), commonly known as male pattern baldness effects up to 80% of men and surprisingly 40% of women.  One of the  new treatment modalities is PRP, or platelet rich plasma injections, coupled with diode laser therapy.  I myself am undergoing those treatments and will report more later.

I recently read an article that was a summary of 6 articles written about PRP and AGA.  In these 6 articles there were a total of 194 patients.  After the review there was compelling evidence from these studies to show an increased number of hairs per square centimeter after PRP treatments.  The second effect was an increase in cross sectional thickness of the hair.  Again, there were not double blind studies, but they seem to point to good effects of PRP and hair loss.  The procedure is done as an outpatient and takes about one hour, no sedation and you’re on your way home in no time.  People should do a series of 4-6 sessions and to help you should also do laser therapy which can be done in the convenience of your own home.  More studies will be done but the future is hopeful.

Dr. Brueck

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