I primarily do cosmetic surgery and so many times people come in who are considering plastic surgery overseas (Costa Rica, Dominican Republic – whatever) due to cost.  I also have seen many patients who’s results were less than ideal.  So the question is, just how safe is it?  I recently read an article in the Plastic Surgery Journal that tries to answer that question.  This study was from a center in New York and was a retrospective study.  It was done over a 36 month span and included 42 patients.  Procedures performed abroad included breast augmentationabdominoplastybuttock augmentationliposuction and many patients had combination procedures.  Eleven patients presented with abscesses and 8 had wound break down.  Eleven patients said they would not go abroad again.  The average cost to treat the complications was $18,211.00 per patient.

I always tell patients follow up care can be costly especially if you have to get on a plane and fly to say South America.  You follow up with your doctor because you had a complication and he/she says I want to see you in a week.  I guess you will be getting a lot of frequent flier miles and fine tuning your Spanish.  Caution should be the word of the day