With the growing epidemic of American obesity, more and more American’s are turning to bariatric or weight loss surgery.  Along with patients’ losing huge amounts of weight, what is left behind is a lot of “stretched” out skin.  A medial thigh lift is one procedure we do infrequently compared to say tummy tucks or arm lifts and for sure facelifts.  Inner thigh lifts are challenging procedures.

I recently read an article that summarized the experience of an Austrian surgeon by the name of George Huesner.  He published his series of 59 consecutive patients.  There were 2 groups – 29 had excision only and 30 had liposuction assisted thigh lifts  The results were dramatic.  The complication rate in the excise only group was 59% versus 13% for the liposuction assisted group.  They also had a shorter hospital stay.  The results were so dramatic he now uses liposuction assist on ALL of his medial thigh patients.