There has been a tremendous growth in cosmetic surgery over the last few decades.  In 2015 there were 1.9 million cosmetic surgical procedures performed – an increase of 94% when  compared to 1997.  Breast augmentation remains number one followed by liposuction.  One study involved 31,010 liposuction procedures.  Liposuction as a solitary procedure has decreased from 2008-2013.  Major complications occurred in 2.4% of the patient base.  When liposuction was performed as a solitary procedure the complication rate was 0.7%.  The complications included hematoma 0.15%, pulmonary dysfunction 0.1%, infection 0.1%, VTE 0.06% (embolus).  Liposuction was performed as a combined procedure in 62.9% of the cases.  The most common complication in combined procedures were infection 0.7%, hematoma 0.6%, possible or confirmed VTE 0.6% and pulmonary dysfunction was 0.2%.  Obese patients had a complication rate of 6.3% compared to 1.8% in normal weight patients.  What was interesting was that major complications in office based surgery centers was 1.6%, 2.3% in accredited surgery centers and 3.3% in hospitals.  Are you too old?  This study saw a slight increase in complications for the elderly.