Liposuction – Does it Hurt?

Time for a moment of confession.  Many times patients will ask me “have you had anything done?”  Well time to confess, yes I have.  I had liposuction done maybe 25 or so years ago.  So many patients will ask me, was it painful?  I think it is important to understand that pain is subjective.  Two people can have the same procedure but have totally different pain responses or experiences.  I had liposuction around my abdomen and flanks (love handles).  I had it done on a Thursday and actually felt as though I could work the next day.  Friday I did not work, took a long weekend and returned on Monday.  During my prolonged 4 day weekend I took maybe 1 or 2 pain pills.  I would describe my discomfort as more of a burning sensation versus true pain.  I tell my patients by placing some zip lock bags with crushed ice on your suctioned areas help control BOTH swelling and pain.

I know many of my patients watch liposuction on You Tube and are horrified about how it looks.  Remember you are asleep when it happens so do not despair.  Great procedure that can deliver great results in the right hands.

Dr. Brueck

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