People have been trying to remedy hair loss for a very long time. Hair growth solutions have ranged from topical solutions from the drugstore to surgical transplant solutions. Platelet rich plasma therapy is the next big thing in hair regrowth procedures. In addition to PRP, Dr. Brueck is also offering a home solution that is completely painless and so convenient that you can do treatments while multitasking, such as working on the computer or general household activities, called the Theradome.

What is PRP?

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a procedure that uses a patient’s own blood to extract plasma and growth factors. For the treatment, blood is taken from the patient and processed. After it is processed, the blood is then injected into the scalp. This concentrated plasma material also contains naturally occurring growth factors that help stimulate growth in the hair follicle. For best results, Dr. Brueck recommends having the treatment done once a month for four months.

What is the Theradome?

The Theradome is a laser light therapy device used for the generation of new hair growth. Red laser light is emitted through the inside of a helmet-like cap. For best results, the cap is intended to be worn twice a week for twenty minutes. The laser light used to regenerate hair growth is also known as phototherapy, and is completely painless. The upfront cost of this device is actually extremely affordable in comparison to the other treatments available that are far from a one-time purchase.

How Does Theradome Work?

Using red light phototherapy, the light is able to adequately penetrate the hair follicle and stimulate hair growth. The helmet releases a very controlled dosage of light that allows for the treatment to be its most effective. Treatment is simple; all you have to do is place the helmet on your head and press the power button. Each treatment takes twenty minutes and can be worn while sitting and watching TV or even doing a variety of simple tasks around the house.

Want to Learn More?

If you are curious about this new technology and how it can help your hair loss problem, contact Dr. Brueck today. By seeing Dr. Brueck for a consultation you can learn more about the Theradome cap and find out if it’s right for you.