Fat grafting to the face has become an integral part of my facial cosmetic surgery approach.  There is still a lot of controversy and questioning as to what is the best technique to harvest fat to enhance survival.  I tell all of my patients that not all of the fat will survive.  I recently read a report by Dr. Stephen Schendel out of Palo Alto California.  The study was small, only 10 patients.  He harvested fat in a conventional way and then took a 50cc aliquot and processed it to obtain what we call stromal vascular fraction or SVF.  The average amount of fat injected was about 18.4 cc’s.  He then did 30 volumetric analysis and found that 68% of the fat injected was viable.  This was with an average follow up of about 12.6 months.  He also found that the more fat cells in the SVF, the more fat was retained.