Fat Grafting in Breasts

I recently read a great article about the use of fat grafting in primary breast augmentation.  I am utilizing more and more fat in breast augmentation surgery.  I call this a composite aug.  Another title is a two-fer like two for one because I take fat from where you don’t want it and put it where you do!

In this study there were 26 patients and the volume of fat injected ranged from 160 cc’s to 360 cc’s.  The defect was corrected and they added about 30% more fat.  The found the resorption rate to be about 28+%.  The patients rated their results excellent in over 83% of the cases.  Also I am now doing breasts lifts with autologous (your own) fat grafting and in some cases replacing breast implants entirely with a patient’s own fat.

Dr. Brueck

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