Fat Grafting in Breast Reconstruction

I am a big fan of fat grafting.  It basically is taking fat from an area of your body where you don’t want it and placing it in an area of need.  I would say I use fat grafting in about 60 – 80% of my facelifts.  I am also using it more and more in breast augmentation (composite aug) and breast reconstruction.

Breast reconstruction can pose some difficult challenges because many patients have a paucity of soft tissue due to the mastectomy AND many have received post op radiation which can further compromise soft tissue coverage.  A recent article was published in the Plastic Surgery Journal reporting results of 85 patients who had undergone fat grafting post mastectomy.  The most common complication was found to be nodules due to fat necrosis.  I tell my patients that not all of the fat will take.  Usually 50-70% will survive but it is a great way to add soft tissue and improve the health of previously radiated skin.  The rates of complication were the same for irradiated and non- irradiated breast tissue.

Dr. Brueck

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