As you age, you may begin to experience the unavoidable effects of gravity on your face and neck. A facelift can remove excess tissue and tighten these areas, giving you a more youthful, while still natural, appearance.

Candidates for a facelift are healthy individuals with no medical conditions and are nonsmokers. If this describes you and you agree with the following, you could greatly benefit from a facelift.

You have Mild Sagging Skin

Even the mildest sagging and signs of aging can negatively impact your self-confidence and the way you view yourself. Just because your symptoms are mild, doesn’t mean you don’t qualify as a facelift candidate! You can undergo a mini facelift that is less invasive and still gives you a more youthful, rejuvenated look.

You have Moderate to Severe Sagging Skin

If your sagging skin is moderate to severe, your self-confidence could be suffering. You might even try to hide your neck and chin area under turtle necks and other clothing. If this is the case, you could benefit from a traditional facelift. This type of facelift targets the face as well as the neck area, giving you more dramatic results.

You Don’t Want a lot of Recovery Time

Although a facelift is a complex surgery, recovery time is very quick with most patients returning to normal daily activities in just a few weeks. If you decide to go with a mini facelift, this downtime is even shorter.

If you believe you could benefit from a facelift, call Dr. Brueck in Fort Myers Florida to schedule your consultation!