Composite Breast Augmentation 1

More and more I am using a patients’ own fat to restore, reconstruct or enhance their breast surgery experience.  In many augs I now do fat grafting to enhance cleavage or superior pole fullness or in some cases to correct asymmetry.  It is also a very valuable tool to enhance reconstruction in post mastectomy patients.  One of the big questions is how much of the fat injected will survive.  In a  study of 26 patients 160-360 cc’s (total volume) were injected.  On average the doctor over corrected by 30%.  The average net take was about 70%.  I’m sure in smokers the amount to take would be less.  When I do large volume of fat grafting I also use PRP or platelet rich plasma which I believe enhances the fat graft survival.

Dr. Brueck

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