One of the most exciting things to happen in plastic surgery is the development of techniques where we use a patient’s own fat to rebuild their breasts.  This is a win win.  On many of my breast aug patient’s I recommend what I call  a COMPOSITE AUG.  I use an implant, preferably silicone and then graft fat along the superior aspects of the implant and alone the sternum or where their cleavage is.  So in essence we take fat from an area where you do not want it and place it where you do.  I like to call this a “twofer”. It is a great way to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of a patients breast.  Sometimes a women may need a breast lift so I will do the lift and add her OWN fat to add volume.  This is a win win.  In some cases I remove a patients hard, tender, old implants and totally replace them with their own fat.  I recently did an flight attendant who had her implants in for 20 some years – they were hard an uncomfortable.  She just said I don’t want them in anymore.  This can be a big blow to a person’s body image so I suggested she consider implant removal and replacement with her own fat.  It is important to understand that on 40-60% of the fat will take but it is yours!  No foreign body.  I recently also did a young lady who wanted a tummy tuck and fuller breasts but no implants.  So I suctioned fat from her flanks and that portion of her tummy tuck that would normally be discarded.  The net result is fuller breasts with NO implants and tummy tuck.  Mission accomplished.  It is really satisfying to see this new technology that offers patients a more natural way to enhance their breasts.  Some examples may be found on my website,