Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular operations we do.  Many potential patients are younger and unmarried so many will question about the effects of breast implants and nursing. I always tell patients getting pregnant and nursing children will have certain long term effects of your breasts, with our without implants.  In my experience women who want to breast feed can and should.  There was a study done about 20 years ago that had about 84 women, half had implants half did not.  The women with implants who breast fed their babies found that about 64% had insufficient lactation.  But I tell my patients, the ability to nurse a baby is multi factorial and implants are only one piece to the puzzle.  Many of my patients coming in for implants are women who have had their babies and nursed them and are left with breasts that are much smaller and look tired.  Some women have severe ptosis (there  nipple is WELL below their inframammary fold) and hence they will need both augmentation AND a lift.  For many I recommend they consider the use of their own fat to help shape and augment their breasts.  This is a great procedure.  If you have questions come in for a FREE consult.  My number is (239) 244-2329.