The eyelid lift or Blepharoplasty is an underrated facial procedure. Eyelid lifts have both cosmetic and functional benefits, which is what makes them both unique and very worth looking into for someone who is bothered by either the upper or lower eyelid. Many patients who do end up having this procedure, feel that it has improved their lives in many ways.

Improvements in Vision

One of the more functional reasons to get an eyelid lift is to remove parts of the eyelid that are drooping to the point where they are limiting the field of vision. This can be reversed by making an incision in the upper eyelid and trimming away the excess skin that is hanging over the middle or corners of the eyes. In some more severe cases, the skin will eliminate a person’s peripheral vision making the results incredibly impactful.

Inconspicuous Results

As far as facial procedures go, many of them provide pretty drastic levels of improvement that end up being rather noticeable after a patient is recovered and goes back to their daily life. Somehow, an eyelid lift is both subtle and drastic at the same time. After the having the upper or lower eyelids done patients look more awake and revitalized without changing the composition of the face much; leaving people wondering what you’re doing differently.

Cosmetic Benefits

In addition to the other two more functional reasons for an eyelid procedure, the cosmetic benefits alone can make the procedure worthwhile. For those with upper lid concerns, they can enjoy a more lifted look that is also smoother; allowing the patient to wear eye makeup with ease. As for those with lower lid concerns the cosmetic benefits allow for a more awake and youthful appearance by eliminating any excess skin and fatty tissue creating undereye bags.

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