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"Losing & controlling weight are among the most frustrating tasks we face as human beings"

I know. Just as you do, I constantly search for ways to lose weight successfully and to keep it off when I have succeeded.

There are so many diets, so many recommendations. What to eat, how to eat, when to eat.

Commercial weight loss plans, such as NutriSystem and Weight Watchers, have some wonderful commercials, with impressive testimonials. One of the reasons they work, when they work, is that people on those programs eat only what they are provided. If they have hunger urges that drive them to snack or eat more than the "prescribed" meals/portions, their chances of success are seriously diminished.

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The devil in these details is "appetite", with a powerful assist from self-control. If you can't control your appetite, it's fair to say no diet will be successful or persistent.

That's why, when I recomend a weight loss and control regimen for a patient, I focus on appetite suppression.

Phen Tabz Rx

I recently started a diet that appears to be easy - the PhenTabz Rx diet. I like it because it is simple and effective. I have been on it for 3 weeks and have lost about 10 pounds so far. 30 minutes or so before breakfast I take a PhenTabz Rx with about 6 to 8 ounces of water. Later I drink a protein shake and occasionally some fruit. Before lunch, again about 30 minutes, I take another PhenTabz Rx with 6 to 8 ounces. of H20. I have a light lunch. At my evening meal I’ll have salad, fish, chicken, vegetables, maybe some rice and a glass or two of wine. So far so good. I have to say I have no appetite. These tablets have completely cut off my hunger pangs. The best part is I am not jittery or fatigued.

The other thing I like about PhenTabz Rx regimen is you can be on it indefinitely. There is no calorie counting, no measuring food portions, etc. However, you must eat sensibly, which is easy when you keep your appetite under control. Light to moderate exercise helps.

Of course, with anything a doctor tells you, you must remember that one person's results are not necessarily what everyone will achieve or experience.  So here are two more diet possibilities:

Weight Loss by Design

A second diet is called the “Metabolic Miracle” or Weight Loss by Design.  It was developed by a biochemist, Dr. Cindy Ferraro.  In her studies she came to understand that individuals have a biochemical makeup that is unique to them.  She also realized that foods also have biochemical fingerprints.  So, she asked, " what happens if a person's unique biochemical makeup is matched to certain foods that matched that makeup.  She created a biochemical metabolic profile and provided foods that matched the profile.  The results were remarkable.  People eating biochemically matched foods 6 days per week with a “treat day” lost weight.  These are foods that you prepare for yourself.  No pre-packaged / pre-prepared foods.  She also recommends light exercise.

After offering her diet services for thousands of individuals she launched “The Metabolic Miracle”.  The results revealed over 90% of people completed the program.  Patients were compliant because they ate "real food". 

Why does “The Metabolic Miracle” work? The program makes available to the patient daily counseling, e-mail and/or phone support.  Some individuals need more hand holding and support.

The counselors will work with you on stress levels and how to decrease them. They will offer strategies to cope with stress. They also offer suggestions on exercise programs. They provide you with daily menus – no daily weighing of food or portions – no pre-packaged foods and you can still eat out at restaurants.  Also there is an added bonus in that one day a week you can cheat.  Indulge in a little pizza or maybe a little ice cream.

This is a great diet because it is customized to your needs – your unique biochemical makeup.  You also have access to counselors daily via phone or e-mail.

Physicians Health and Diet Program

Here is a program directed by physicians. It has been in place for more than 14 years.  Thousands of physicians have used it successfully with their patients.

The products are produced by a company called WIN (Wellness International Network, LTD).  Their products are listed in the PDR or Physicians Desk Reference.  Their products are manufactured from the finest ingredients using the most advanced manufacturing technique.  Each product is formulated to provide great quality and outstanding performance.  Their products are used by the whole spectrum of people from professional athletes/Olympians to the infamous weekend warrior.

The Physician Weight Loss program involves the use of 5 non-prescription diet aids.

1. Biolean   – This is an ephedra-free formulation to help curb your appetite and speed up the fat burning process.

2. Biolean Free   – This allows your body to convert proteins, fat and carbohydrates into heat energy.  This helps restore your bodies           energy level.

3. Accelerator   – This product extends the heat generating activities of Biolean and Biolean Free.

http://www.mywinwebpage.com/90330/index.aspx - This helps potentiate weight loss effects of Biolean and Biolean Free.

5.   Satiete’   – This helps curb your craving for sweets, stabilizes moods and enhances sleep quality.

Please contact me at 239-939-5238 to discuss any of these plans. Thank you.