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When you speak, people focus on your lips and mouth to understand what you are saying. They also may get another message.

Are your lips and mouth suggesting that you are older than you want people to think you are? Do your friends and colleagues worry about your "tired" look?

Many patients come to my office and ask me what he can do to make them look refreshed, younger, more youthful. When we look at the face, several things may strike us as apparent.

One area of facial rejuvenation that is becoming more important is the mouth area, also known as the "peri-oral' region of the face.

Some of the stigma that may show aging around the mouth include the following:

  • Droopy upper lip.
  • Vertical lines along the upper and lower lips.
  • Turning down at the corners of the mouth.
  • Thinning of the upper and lower lip.
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Many tools are now available to correct some of these signs of aging. 'Peri-oral rejuvenation' is an important part of looking more youthful and rested. Some of the modalities we use are surgical and some non-surgical.

There is a new procedure for lip implants that is just short of amazing. We implant a soft silicone tube, about the diameter of soda straw, tapered on each end. It's called 'PermaLip". One marvelous thing about it is its texture and pliabilty. Another is a shape that tends to anchor the implant one place in the lip area. Many surgeons refer to it as a 'gummy bear' implant because it has the consistency of that childhood favorite candy, gummy bears.

We have just completed one of these procedures in my surgical suite. Here are before and after photos.

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Please note the fuller, plumper vermilion areas, suggesting a younger, happier person.

It was performed with local anesthesia and recovery time was about five days. In a recent study of 412 women who had the procedure, only 2 were unhappy with the results, even after a year. One patient requested reversal because her spouse complained.

Other procedures include lasering around the mouth to smooth out fine lines – we may add dermal fillers as well. These can also be used to fill out and plump the lips.

We can surgically elevate the corners of the mouth - we can advance the vermillion or pink of the upper and lower lips. We can shorten a sagging upper lip. These procedures can be done easily as an outpatient under local anesthesia.

Many times, peri-oral rejuvenation or "lip enhancement" is done in conjunction with a face lift, neck lift or eyelid surgery, since it is important to achieving a more balanced, youthful facial appearance.

nose surgery cost fort myersRobert Brueck, MD, FACS is a Board Certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience in cosmetic surgery and non-intrusive cosmetic procedures. He has been named one of the top plastic surgeons in Southwest Florida (Northport to Marco Island) by Gulfshore Life magazine. He is dedicated to beautiful results in cosmetic surgery and strives to give patients the highest quality care.

Dr. Brueck, currently practices in a world-class plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery facility. The most advanced technologies and the latest treatment therapies are used to provide patients with the best surgical and non-surgical results. You are invited to arrange a free, confidential, personal consultation with Dr. Brueck by clicking this link or calling 239-204-5040.

Dr. Brueck and his highly trained staff are dedicated to providing patients with the finest in cosmetic and plastic surgery in a responsive and comforting manner. Click here for more information about my medical and surgical training.

While lip enhancement is a primary cosmetic surgery procedure offered by Dr. Brueck, he also provides additional plastic and reconstructive surgery services to patients throughout Fort Myers, Naples and Marco Island in Southwest Florida.