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Dr. Brueck can help you look as young and beautiful as you deserve to be. We all age and we all show it. Some faces show it more than others. You don't have to accept an aging face. You can do something about it. Facial rejuvenation, or a "face lift", may be just what you need to look younger, more energetic and level the playing field.

Face lifts can be extensive or minimal. For information about Dr. Brueck's Quicklift QuickLift" including a video patient testimonial, please click this link.

You can correct sagging facial skin, sagging muscles and excess fat. You can restore firmness and look younger, more rested and more vibrant.

In the video below, Dr. Robert Brueck MD, discusses the effects of face lift surgery and healthy skin care:

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Two-hour, QuickLifts performed by Dr. Robert Brueck - Before and After Photos

Please Note: We understand the sensitivity some patients have about publishing before-and-after photos on the web. Yet, other patients are so pleased with the changes our work has made in their appearance, and in how they feel about themselves, that they have agreed to let us show those changes on these pages.

Since patient privacy is a primary concern for Dr. Brueck, we can't show you all the photos we have in our files. You are invited to arrange a free, private consultation with Dr. Brueck, at which time you can see additional before-and-after case histories.

Each individual case is different. Your results may vary. There is no promise, direct or implied, by these photographs that your results will be identical.

dr robert brueck fort myersfort myers

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Post-Op follow-up

fort myersflorida fort myers
Pre-op - Post-op - Post-op follow-up
^72 yo - Quicklift with necklift ^

"I have found Dr. Robert Brueck to be professional and experienced.  He did my breast augmentation and eyelift and I was extremely happy with his work that I went back to him for a mini facelift.  His staff also has treated me very well and the surgical staff treated me like gold.  I would recommend Dr. Brueck and his staff to all my friends and family." - PG 6/12/13

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florida fort myers fl fort myers
73 yr male - Quicklift, +eyelids, +fat injections

dr robert brueck fort myersfort myersflorida fort myers

QuickLift With Neck - 69 years old

"On January 11, 2013, I had a necklift, lower facelift, eyebrow lift and eyelid bleph.  The entire experience was amazing.  Dr. Brueck truly makes you feel as if you have been life long friends.  His no pressure no rush consultations gave me a feeling of confidence and calm.  The surgery results are nothing short of miraculous! The entire staff made me  feel welcome and appreciated.  I can not say enough about Dr. Brueck and his team.  I highly recommend him.: - E.E.2/10/2013

Face Lift fort myers laser face lift fort myers
lower face lift fort myers mini face lift fort myers
face lifts fort myersface lift photos fort myers
72 years old

"Dear Dr. Brueck:

Thank you!
In a million years, I never thought a facelift would ever be an option for me. You made the impossible possible. I can't thank you enough. Gratefully, xoxo" - M.S.

Click this link for before-and-after photos of Dr. Brueck's face lift work. Please understand these photos are personal and may be offensive to some. If this includes you, or you are under 18, please do not view them.

While face lift surgery is a primary cosmetic surgery procedure offered by Dr. Brueck, he also provides a variety of additional plastic and reconstructive services to patients throughout the Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Naples and Marco Island area of Southwest Florida.