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Eyelid surgery may be appropriate when aging eyelids droop, impair vision and lead people to think you are sad when you actually are happy.

Excess skin or fatty deposits in the eyelids can be the natural results of aging or of heredity. You do not have to put up with them, however.Cosmetic eyelid surgery can treat loose and sagging eyelid skin that interfers with vision, puffiness from excess fatty deposits, bags under the eyes, lower eyelid droopiness and excess skin and wrinkles in the lower eyelids. When your skin around your eyes is firm you appear younger and more energetic.If excess eyelid skin hampers your ability to see clearly, it may the a condition covered under health insurance.

In this video below from the TV show, American Health Journal, Dr. Brueck discusses eyelid surgery, also known as blepharostaphy, it's advisability, whether or not it is covered by medical insurance and the related surgery of an eybrow lift.

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The best candidates for eyelid surgery are healthy persons without life-threatening illnesses or medical conditions that could impair healing, who don't smoke, have a positive attitude about life and have specific goals to result from eyelid surgery.

Since other medical conditions can be problematic in eye surgery, it is essential that you consult with an experienced surgeon that you can trust. Many eye doctors offer eyelid surgery. It is important to ask if they are Board Certified in plastic surgery.

Before and After Examples of eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) Surgery Procedures by Dr. Robert Brueck MD. Each individual case is different. Your results may vary. There is no promise, direct or implied, by these photographs that your results will be identical.

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52 year old female - bleph-quicklift-fat injection

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69 year old female - lower bleph

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61 year old female

"I had an eyelid lift. Everyone was great. My eyes look alert, refreshed. I got ecellent care. Dr. Brueck was so nice and cared about my concerns. Everything came out great. Yours will too." - A. P. 3/21/13

Do you have other questions about eyelid surgery? Please refer to our Frequently Asked questions page by clicking this link. The video below uses professional models for demonstration purposes. It does not represent surgeries performed by Dr. Bruck. Before-and-after photos of Dr. Brueck's work may be accessed by clicking this link.