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A woman with overly large breasts has discomfort few can appreciate if they don't share the problem.

If you have this problem, you know that overly large breasts can do more than limit your wardrobe choices or affect your self-image. The condition can result in physical pain and discomfort. Breast reduction, leading to breasts of more proportionate size, can give you the ability to have a more comfortable and more active life.

For before-and-after photos of Dr. Brueck's breast reduction surgery, click this link or this link. (If you are offended by photographs of nudity or are under 18 years old, please do not visit this page. )

In the video below, Dr. Brueck appears on American Health Journal to discuss breast reduction and the possibility that it may be covered by health insurance."

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Breast reduction is a highly personal choice, one you should make only to fulfill your specific personal goals. It can be performed on a single breast or on both breasts. It may be considered a reconstructive procedure qualifying for coverage under health insurance when it is done to relieve medical symptoms. Pre-certification usually is required for coverage and reimbursement.

Breast reduction is best performed on breasts that are fully developed prior to surgery. Due to the removal of significant quantity of breast tissue, the ability to breast feed may be impaired. In addition, weight fluctuations and breast changes during pregnancy can affect the results of prior breast reduction procedures.

If you are considering breast reduction, the best place to start is with a consultation with a plastic surgeon who can discuss your specific, personal goals and evaluate your individual case. Consultations with Dr. Brueck take place in his office at 3700 Central Avenue,Fort Myers, a world-class facility for plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, incorporating the most advanced technologies and treatment therapies for the very best in surgical and non-surgical patient results.

Before and After Examples of
Breast Reduction Surgery Procedures by Dr. Robert Brueck

Please Note: We understand the sensitivity some patients have about publishing before-and-after photos. Other patients are so pleased with the changes in their appearance, and in how they feel about themselves, that they agreed to let us show those changes on these pages. Since patient privacy is of primary concern and value for Dr. Brueck, we can't show you all the photos we have in our files. You are invited to arrange a free, private consultation with Dr. Brueck, at which time you can see additional before-and-after case histories.

Caution: The photos that follow are of uncovered breasts before and after breast reduction surgery. If you are offended by such photos or are under 18 years old, please do not scroll down to view these photos. Thank you.

Each individual case is different. Your results may vary. There is no promise, direct or implied, by these photographs that your results will be identical.

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54 Year old

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51 year old

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61 year old

"I love my breast reduction! It is the best thing I have ever done - I feel so much better! Thanks Dr. B.!! You are the best!" - P.C., 2011

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Male - gynemastia

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51 year old

"Dr. Brueck,

Thank you so much! It has been 7 weeks since my tummy tuck, arm lift and implants and the results are incredible. Scarring is minimal and I was able to return to work after 2 weeks! After having a prior breast reduction and then losing 140lbs, my body was left with so much extra skin,it destroyed myself esteem. Since the surgery, I have more self esteem now than I have had in my entire life!

I was comforted by the 3 consultation sessions to ease my anxiety prior to surgery. Your calming demeanor and patience with the endless questions I had made it so I never once felt pressured or rushed. Your staff is top notch; especially Shy!

Thank you for making my dream affordable! Thanks Again, - LP

dr robert brueck fort myersbreast reduction fort myers
28 year old

"Dr. Brueck & Staff:
Thank you so much for the excellent care given during & after my breast reduction surgery. @ six weeks post op, I'm thrilled with my new look. I feel so much better about myself - but the best part? No more sore shoulders or back-aches. Thank you again Dr. & Staff ." - PG


Dr. Brueck has more than 30 years of experience in plastic, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He was named one of the top plastic surgeons in Southwest Florida (Northport to Marco Island) for five consecutive years* by Gulfshore Life magazine. Click here for more information about my medical and surgical training.

Dr. Brueck and his staff are dedicated to providing patients with the finest in cosmetic and plastic surgery in a responsive and comforting manner.In the video below, Dr. Brueck talks about a different breast reduction, known as gynecomastia, during which a man's large breasts are reduced.

While breast reduction is a primary cosmetic surgery procedure offered by Dr. Brueck, he also provides additional plastic and reconstructive services to patients throughout the Fort Myers, Naples and Marco Island area of Southwest Florida.