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Before you consider surgery to restore firm, perky" breasts, consult with a Fort Myers plastic surgeon you can trust.

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Dr. Brueck, a Board Certified plastic surgeon, understands that many women experience changes in the shape and vibrancy of their breasts. There are many reasons. Aging. Pregnancy. Breast feeding. Fluctuations in weight. Skin elasticity and that old reliable, gravity.

Your loose breast tissue could also be heriditary, even for a teenaged woman with sagging breasts. Breasts that are no longer firm and uplifted can affect your self-confidence. A breast lift raises the breasts and restores firmness by removing excess skin and firming the breast tissue.

A Breast lift is sometimes accompanied by a breast augmentation. This type of "combination" procedure may help to produce aesthetic results that might not be achievable with breast lifts alone.

Before and After Examples of Breast Lift Mastopexy Surgery
by Dr. Robert Brueck

Please Note: We understand the sensitivity some patients have about publishing before-and-after photos on the web. Yet, other patients are so pleased with the changes our work has made in their appearance, and in how they feel about themselves, that they have agreed to let us show those changes on these pages.

Since patient privacy is a primary concern and value for Dr. Brueck, we can't show you all the photos we have in our files. You are invited to arrange a free, private consultation with Dr. Brueck, at which time you can see additional before-and-after case histories.

Caution: The photos that follow are of uncovered breast before and after breast reduction surgery. If you are offended by such photos or are under 18 years old, please do not scroll down to view these photos. Thank you.

Each individual case is different. Your results may vary. There is no promise, direct or implied, by these photographs that your results will be identical.

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Mastopexy with aug - 31 year old - Saline 450 cc

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Breast Reduction - 42 year old

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breast lift fort myersbreast lift cost fort myers

New, short scar mastopexy technique - Lollipop Lift - 33 year old

Dr. Brueck explains breast lift procedure in this youtube video. A no-obligation personal consultation with Dr. Brueck will help you determine if breast implants concurrent with a breast lift is advisable. For before-and-after photos of Dr. Brueck's breast lift surgery, Click this link. (If you are offended by photos of nudity or are under 18 years old, please do not view this page.)