Fort Myers Breast augmentation enhancement

Breast enhancement, most often in the form of breast enlargement, can lift your self-esteem and boost your self-confidence.

No one knows better than you how the size or shape of your breasts can limit your wardrobe choices and affect your self-image. Every dress you try on reminds you of your unhappiness with how you look.

Breast enhancement or augmentation can change your inner satisfaction and your outlook on life. Not to mention, it can open your options for attractive clothing in ways you can only imagine.

If you are considering breast enhancement, turn to a trusted and skilled surgeon:Dr. Brueck is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Robert Brueck
, MD, FACS, a Fort Myers-based
Board-Certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon
, with more than 30 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery in Florida, is the choice many women have made.

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Based on patient reviews, Dr. Brueck has also
been recognized by independent website,, for his expertise as a Top Doctor for breast implants.

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Click here for before-and-after photos of Dr. Brueck's breast augmentation work. (If you are offended by photos of bare skin or are under 18 years old, please do not visit the before-and after page.)

Dr. Brueck understands that breast enhancement is a highly personal choice, one you should make only to fulfill your specific personal goals.

For some women, breast surgery is chosen to enlarge naturally small breasts that have been inherited. For others, it is undertaken to restore volume that has diminished following pregnancy, from breast-feeding or from the loss of weight. For yet others, it is to make slightly asymmetrical breasts more balanced and natural in appearance.

Breast augmentation usually is not the solution to sagging breasts, for which a breast lift may be more appropriate. When both breast fullness, and improved position and shape of sagging breasts, are desired, a breast lift may be recommended in conjunction with breast augmentation.

The fact is that surgery is the only proven method for permanently enhancing breast size and shape. While any adult woman can be a candidate for breast augmentation, it is recommended that a patient's breasts be fully developed prior to surgery. Incidentally, in most cases breast feeding is still an option after breast augmentation surgery.

The best place to start is with a free consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon who can discuss your specific personal goals and evaluate your individual case. Free consultations with Dr. Brueck take place in his office and surgery center at 3700 Central Avenue in Fort Myers.
The video below features professional models and is not representative of the surgery performed by Dr. Brueck.
Dr. Brueck was named one of the top plastic surgeons in Southwest Florida (Northport to Marco Island) for eight of last 11 years* by Gulfshore Life magazine

While breast surgery is a primary cosmetic surgery procedure offered by Dr. Brueck, he also provides additional plastic and reconstructive services to patients throughout the Fort Myers, Naples and Marco Island area of Southwest Florida.

Dr. Brueck also performs liposuction, face lift, forehead lift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty). Non-surgical procedures include chemical peels, laser hair removal, Lipodissolve, laser resurfacing, Obagi, Botox, Dysport, and Restylane.

For a free, personal and confidential consultation, contact Dr. Brueck at 239-939-5233, through email or through his Aesthetic Coordinator, Judy.

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