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Are you considering a "tummy tuck"? (That is the popular term for abdominal surgery that can give you a flatter, firmer stomach. )

I'm Dr. Robert Brueck MD FACS and I will show you how a tummy tuck can improve how you look, and how you feel about yourself. The consultation with is free.

Regognized as Will a flatter, firmer abdomen help you feel better about yourself? You probably ask yourself that question a lot if you are carrying around excess flab and skin from pregnancy or successful weight loss.

Frankly, exercise is the preferred way to address the problem. But, if even the most active exercise doesn't remove that excessive flab, you might consider a "tummy tuck." I say consider because a "tummy tuck" may not be right for you.

In this video from TV's American Health Journal, I explain tummy tucks and their benefits:

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During your free, confidential consultation with me, I will examine your specific situation and discuss with you if you should be a candidate for a "tummy tuck.

Besides removing flab, a "tummy tuck" also strengthens weakened or separated muscles. A "tummy tuck" can be done along with liposuction. Or liposuction may be an alternative to a "tummy tuck" if localized fat is the sole reason for the problem.

Incidentally, the flab problem can be the result of heredity, multiple pregnancies, previous surgeries, significant weight fluctuations or spinal abnormalities affecting posture.

"Tummy tucks" often are done as part of a "mommy makeover", a term for plastic surgery that removes excess skin and/or fat left over from pregnancy. Sometimes more extensive surgery is required after bariatric surgery has resulted in massive weight loss and an extreme amount of remaining skin.

In the video that follows, Dr. Brueck discusses aspects of post-bariatric surgery:

Here's a video testimonial from one of Dr. Brueck's patients who had both a "tummy tuck" and breast augmentation following extensive weight loss:

Tummy Tuck Procedures by Dr. Robert Brueck MD - Before and After Photos

Please Note: We understand the sensitivity some patients have about publishing before-and-after photos on the web. Yet, other patients are so pleased with the changes our work has made in their appearance, and in how they feel about themselves, that they have agreed to let us show those changes on these pages.

Since patient privacy is a primary concern and value for Dr. Brueck, we can't show you all the photos we have in our files. You are invited to arrange a free, private consultation with Dr. Brueck, at which time you can see additional before-and-after case histories.

Caution: The photos that follow are of partially uncovered physics before and after tummy tuck surgery. If you are offended by such photos or are under 18 years old, please do not scroll down to view these photos. Thank you.

Each individual case is different. Your results may vary. There is no promise, direct or implied, by these photographs that your results will be identical.

cost of tummy tuck fort myerstummy tuck scars fort myers
Tummy Tuck & Liposuction - 38 year old

tummy tuck prices fort myerstummy tuck pictures fort myers
Tummy Tuck / Breast Aug / Arm Lift - 35 year old

tummy tuck recovery fort myerstummy tuck procedure fort myers
69 year old

"On January 25, 2013, I had a tummy tuck and liposuction on my flanks and inner tighs. I had an apron of extra skin and fat that I could not shed after my gaastric bypass in 2007. Now, that apron is long gone. So where do I begin? It is four months post-op and I am ecstatic with the results. I now have the self-confidence I was seeking to be able to continue my weight loss journey and exercise regime. I have lost 25 pounds to date and feel like a new woman in my skin. I am actually starting to love my body again! Now I have a slim waist with an hourglass figure that wows my husband. Dr. Brueck has helped me to feel beautiful and sexy again. Dr. B took all the time in the world to answer my questions and concerns both pre and post-op. I love his staff. Dr. B has surrounded himself with a fabulous support team. Kudos also go out to Chi, Dr. B's nurse. She is so darling, warm and caring - like an old friend. In addition to being an amazing doctor, Bob Brueck is an incredible human being. Inspirational, knowlegeable, compassionate, professional and uplifting describe this fabulous man. My heart goes out in thanks to you Dr. B for allowing me to celebrate life again at age 50" - BK 6/1/2013

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tummy tuck surgery fort myersfort myers
39 year old - tummy tuck/aug/ lipo-
350 cc saline

dr robert brueck fort myerstummy tuck fort myers
47 year old - tummy tuck & lipo

tummy tuck cost fort myersmini tummy tuck fort myers
43 year old - tummy tuck & lipo

My friend's sister recommended me to Dr. Brueck. She also had a tummy tuck and liposuction surgery, and she is very happy with her results.

I had a tummy tuck procedure and liposuction about 8 weeks ago. I am very satisfied with the results of my surgery. Dr. Brueck is a very gentle, caring and compassionate doctor. I would highly recommend him for a tummy tuck and liposuction surgery.

A few days after surgery I phoned Dr. Brueck's answering service. He called me back immediately and answered all of my questions. I thought that was great! His office staff is genuine, professional and personable. Whenever I called his office with a question or concern. I always received a return phone call shortly after.

Additionally, his surgical staff is warm and friendly. Everyone made me feel comfortable before my surgery. My stomach looks great! Also, my new belly button looks wonderful. I am very happy with my tummy tuck and liposuction surgery! "

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65 year old female

tummy tuck scars fort myerstummy tuck prices fort myers
52 year old with liposuction

tummy tuck pictures fort myerstummy tuck recovery fort myers
34 year old

Dear Dr. Brueck:

I would like to thank you and your staff for a wonderful experience that far exceeded my expectations or hopes. I had three procedures…breast augmentation, tummy tuck, and liposuction this summer.

Everything was done efficiently, professionally and with a personal touch. From the first appointment explaining the procedures to the last check-up, everything was perfect.

I especially want to commend you for the information print outs I was given explaining every procedure….every possible question I could have had about pre-surgery to every side effect I would experience afterwards. I read the paperwork many times…checking for information I had forgotten. It was extremely helpful for my post surgery caregiver also. I would recommend that the after surgery scar care be added to this information. I was given this information at one of my visits but it’s always nice to have it in writing for reference." (Thanks, for the suggestion. This will be done. - Dr. B)

"I am so pleased with my results. I have had many compliments…my body looks like someone half my 62 years of age and I am thoroughly enjoying my new wardrobe of clothes I haven’t been able to wear for decades. Thank you and your staff…you’re the best! Sincerely," - CW

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47 year old

tummy tuck reviews fort myerstummy tuck surgery fort myers
41 year old

fort myersflorida fort myers
34 year old / breast lift

"Dr. Brueck,

Thank you so much! It has been 7 weeks since my tummy tuck, arm lift and implants and the results are incredible. Scarring is minimal and I was able to return to work after 2 weeks! After having a prior breast reduction and then losing 140lbs, my body was left with so much extra skin,it destroyed myself esteem. Since the surgery, I have more self esteem now than I have had in my entire life!

I was comforted by the 3 consultation sessions to ease my anxiety prior to surgery. Your calming demeanor and patience with the endless questions I had made it so I never once felt pressured or rushed. Your staff is top notch; especially Shy!

Thank you for making my dream affordable! Thanks Again, - LP

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64 year old

tummy tuck fort myers tummy tuck cost fort myers
mini tummy tuck fort myerstummy tuck before and after fort myers
cost of tummy tuck fort myerstummy tuck scars fort myers
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tummy tuck photos fort myerstummy tuck reviews fort myers
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florida fort myersfl fort myers

"Dear Dr. Brueck, Chi & Debbie,

I would like to Thank You all very much for taking such good care of me during surgery and office visits.  Everyone is so helpful.  Having a tummy tuck and lipo suction has changed my life.  Still can not believe that my stomach is gone.  What I really liked is your honesty.  A patient coming in for a consult thinking that they want one thing done and you are honest to tell them that it is not really what you need.  That you just don't do what the patient wants for the money.  You let me know what is best for me.  I was impressed with they way that I can ask any question and feel comfortable.  Looking forward to the next procedure. Thank you all so very much." - KJ

For answers to some of the questions I am most frequently asked about tummy tucks,liposuction and abdominoplasty, please click to visit our Frequently Asked Questions page .Of course, a tummy tuck, like any other surgical procedure, costs money. If you are concerned that you may not have the cash to afford plastic surgery today, use the link below to find out how much financing you qualify for through CareCredit. There is no reason to postpone restoring your youthful, more confident look just because you don't have cash today.

To view photos of Dr. Brueck's patients before-and-after abdominoplasty, click here. Please recognize that before and after photos may be offensive to some people. If that is true for you or you are under 18 years old, please do not view the before and after page.